A Brief History


Messy Veggies is a combination of me, Simon and my beautiful partner in life is Jaime.  We are both big believers of everything in moderation and before anyone starts jumping up and down and calling us tree hugging hippies, we wanted to say that we respect anyone’s decision to eat whatever they like.  After all, it is your life. We however choose to eat veggies and we love it.

Jaime started this journey well and truly before me and has been animal free since she was 13.  For me, it was August 2015.  So I guess this all began when I stopped eating meat and found out i was coeliac, which allowed my eyes to be opened to the limitless combinations of beautiful, healthy and delicious food that didn’t come from animals.

We always get questions about what we eat because we don’t eat animals, which is funny to me now because there are so many more vegetables than types of animals to consume, but that’s just a one view mentality I guess.

This whole blog is to show what you can achieve if you think laterally and open your mind to the possibilities.  Nice, simple, easy and sometimes quick meals that absolutely anyone can make.

You can contact us by email or comment on any blog post and we will get back to you as soon as we can to help with anything you need.