Part 10: Where’s your head at?

Hello, I have been offline for a little while because basically, I haven’t had anything to talk about. I literally have seen the whole of Netflix and the internet. Don’t bother tagging me in any memes, I have seen them all. Still not sure what Covfefe means though?


Last week I had a lot of visitors to spice things up.  My bestie from Kalgoorlie and her sister came to stay for a few days. Another friend from Sydney was also visiting and my whole family from Newcastle came down for the weekend. All 9 of them!


When my family arrived on the Friday evening, we went out for dinner to Mama Rumaan in the Docklands. There, they presented me with a gift box, it was full of cash monies. Daryl (Dad) and my brother Trent had run a fundraising BBQ at their work in Newcastle. Needless to say, I got all the feels and went into the kitchen to chop an onion. Without being able to work I was getting low on cash and this would be a big help.


That’s my brother front right, yes, he is single.
The very next day the rest of my siblings arrived and we met up for lunch. My sister Sarah who runs Just Dance It had also run her own fundraising with her 90 Dance students. They had some special beanies made up

How cute are all the dance students wearing gray?

Ice Ice Baby

As I mentioned earlier on part 5, I chose to get the Zolodex injections once a month to protect my ovaries from chemotherapy. I had that injection/implant last Friday because I am starting Chemotherapy on Monday (tomorrow). It hurts like a bitch. After placing an ice pack on my stomach to numb the area (in the midst of winter) a large needle gets injected into me with a dissolvable implant. Fun fact, this implant makes you feel like you are going through menopause, complete with hot flushes by stimulating the ovaries to release estrogen. As if I am not hormonal enough. I cry watching half of the videos on my Facebook feed at the moment. This future kid better be worth it.


I started noticing near the end of radiation that I was forgetting small things, my short term memory is shocking and I am repeating stories. Seeing a smile starting to creep on people’s faces when telling them a story is a dead giveaway that they have heard this one before. It is embarrassing and I feel stupid. Apparently, this will only get worse with something called ‘chemo brain’ – stay tuned for stupid things I do in the next 6 months or so!
Jaime Hall
Jaime Hall


Jaime is a designer, writer, and co-founder of messy veggies.

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