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    Round Bird Can’t Fly opened in Lilydale in September 2014. It was Laura and Evan James’ first café and they found that 30% of their customers were ordering vegan food. They decided to expand upon their offerings and create a separate vegan menu to cater to their many vegan customers. They understood there was a large demand for vegan food in Lilydale and produced it. Their other cafe is the newly opened

    YOMG is widely known for their Frozen Yoghurt but then expanding into burgers and shakes. With the release of their dairy free, vegan frozen yoghurt flavour, Banana Soy Cinnamon. A trio of flavours busting with essential vitamins and probiotics, it was the beginning of the vegan range. With the new burger range, a vegan option was always on the cards and YOMG delivers a great option in the Miss Fu. Available as Gluten Free as well, the Miss Fu is a blend of crunchy and fresh flavours that explode in your mouth. A veget…

    The B.East (Short for Brunswick East) opened 6 years ago originally as a big greasy burger bar. From the beginning, they knew it was important to at least have vegetarian options. The demand wasn’t there for vegan food previously. But as everyone knows, the North of Melbourne is vegan central, particularly around the Brunswick area. Now, all posts on social media that are vegan do 3x better than non-vegan food.

    *Kin is now closed permanently* Kin Corner Store is a welcome addition to the Cheltenham area. A kid-friendly vegan cafe that is perfect for the whole family. By kid friendly we mean, a separate play area with lots of toys and books and a dedicated kids menu with snack packs and milkshakes (the almond kind). This is the first cafe for Jennifer Sims after making the decision not to go back to being a business analyst after the birth of her children…

    The up and coming suburb of Officer in East Melbourne has a new vegan hot spot, Chelles Soulfoods Cafe. Owner Rochelle Hayes has been making raw desserts under the same name for a few years now and supplies 15 cafes in Melbourne. Rochelle, or Chelle, has always dreamed of owning her own cafe. She started out working at

    Blackwork cafe located in Croydon opened it’s doors on the 4th May this year, bringing some fresh and wholesome vegan options to the area. The second cafe for Evan and Laura James after their original cafe, Round Bird Can’t Fly, in Lilydale enjoyed success with their dedicated vegan menu. They saw that there was a demand for a plant based menu in the area and produced it. Blackwork ha…