Commonfolk Coffee, Morninton VIC (Faux Pas Tofu Scramble is Life)

Commonfolk Coffee
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It was by complete accident that we found Commonfolk Coffee.  We were heading down the peninsula on our day off and were basically not expecting much.  Just somewhere that would have something vegan would be perfect.  Jaime had quickly looked up a few places on our way and Commonfolk Coffee popped up.  I can say now that I am thankful it did.  It’s not in the part of Mornington that you would expect such an amazing cafe.  I was thinking down near the beach but that’s probably because I don’t know the area very well.  We drove down into this industrial area, with cars lining the roads making it hard to manoeuvre.  There we spotted Commonfolk Coffee, which just looked like a big shed.  A little weird, but we walked up and then were just blown away with how amazing this place was.


As I mentioned before, we thought it was just a shed.  As soon as you walk through the roller door, you walk into this amazing industrial space.  With these huge steel beams overhead with fairy lights hung from them.  The entire space opens up to a massive room with a really stunning area out the back to sit.  A really stunning venue indeed.

Vegan Options

Vegan options are not sparse here either.  From the Pot Head to the Life Savings and on to the Cereal Killer, you have an abundance of witty breakfasts/lunch items to choose from.  All with little tweaks to make them amazing in their own right.  There is more than enough to choose from and keep you coming back to try other items.


Jaime and I both couldn’t go past the Faux Pas Tofu Scramble.  The description sold it in about 2 seconds for me.  Then the eager wait to start eating, and it does not disappoint.  The tofu is delicious with what seems to be turmeric through it.  Perfect.  It blends so well with the avocado with the crisp cherry tomatoes and radish breathing a fresh life into the dish. Crumbled with toasted seeds to give those little crunchy bites.  It is very clear this dish is extremely well thought out and beautifully balanced.


We will certainly be heading back down to Mornington to hit up Commonfolk Coffee again and try a few more of the dishes on the menu.  Staff – Friendly, Venue – Beautiful, Food – Amazing.  Need we say anymore.




Simon Hall
Simon Hall

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