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Lona St Kilda has just released some new vegan options to the menu, and they are pretty special. If you do head down and it’s sunny, make sure you head out the back to the Lona Garden. A huge area out back perfect for taking in the beautiful weather.

Vegan Options

Lona has just released some new vegan options to the menu, right in time for summer. They had a good vegetarian menu in place, but it’s always much better when restaurants have some vegan options that aren’t just without the cheese.

There are some really good options, ranging from wild mushroom tostados to the new Jackfruit Sliders.


The food was pretty darn good. Some really fresh flavours, perfect for summer. The best picks for us on the menu were the new Jackfruit Sliders. They are the typical BBQ JackFruit that you get most places, but cutting through the BBQ smokeyness is the apple slaw which makes the dish fresher than most.

The Tierra Tacos are also worth a shot, with sauteed cauliflower on spicy beetroot with some fresh salsa and lime. It’s a cracking dish which you don’t expect beetroot to be on. Beware it is quite juicy, so try not to get it all over your nice white top.

Also special mention to my favourite vegetable, the humble potato. The patatas bravas was bang on, with an awesome tumaca sauce.  If you don’t know what tumaca is, its a tomato based sauce which is killer.

Lona St Kilda

Style: Spanish crossed with South American

64-66 Acland St, St Kilda VIC 3182


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