Matcha Mylkbar – St Kilda VIC (Real Vegan Eggs – I know right)

As soon as you walk towards Matcha their signature neon middle finger salute towards unethically treated and unsustainable, mass produced meats gleams back at you from the window.  It was at this moment that i knew we were walking into the right cafe to enjoy breakfast.  

From here it just gets better and better with the entire menu being plant based and even the option of Vegan eggs.  Yes that is correct, I said Vegan eggs.  Matcha have somehow magically created vegan eggs that actually have the same protein, look and texture of standard eggs but are made from plant based ingredients.  So yeah, that pretty special.  

The next aspect of Matcha you will notice is that it is riddled with puns.  Automatically making Jaime and I not want to go anywhere else and just eat here all the time.  With a vast menu of gluten free options and dishes that can be made gluten free for your neighborly celiac this cafe is probably one of our favourites.  

But as with any cafe in Melbourne, the coffee needs to be on point otherwise our faces start to turn and our smiles turn upside down.  Happy to report that this is definitely not the case at Matcha (wooohooo).  They even have 8 different types of lattes, just for those who need something a little different in their morning wake up brew.  From the ever growing in popularity Turmeric Latte to Beetroot and Carrot Cake lattes, that’s my favourite, they have something for everyone.   

The picture you can see on this post is their spiced avocado guac, poached vegan egg™, snow pea tendrils, pomegranate, beetroot hummus, gluten free toast, and now all you need to do is head down and try it for yourself.

I will leave you with an extract from their menu which sums up Matcha Mylkbar perfectly.

“We believe plant based dining is the future of food, as it works completely in conjunction with your most important health commodity, you. It is also sustainable, reduces pastoral chemical use and reinvigorates the connection between primary producer and consumer. Basically, understanding is happiness.

Our food offering her is a simple, plant based menu that emphasises the incredible, diverse combinations seen daily in Blue Zone regions. Our aim is to supplement your active life with tasty catalysts to happiness and health. We are not reinventing the wheel, we are providing you with exposure to the reason the wheels turn longer.”

Matcha Mylkbar

72A Acland St, St Kilda VIC 3182

Simon Hall
Simon Hall

Big time Vegan, loving all living creatures and trying to live a life you can be proud of.

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