The Alley, Melbourne VIC (Good GF Buns)

The Alley
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The Alley has been getting a lot of hype in the lead up to the opening.  Articles in all the foodie websites, talking about the vegan revolution and how this place was going to be one to watch.  So it was natural that we were incredibly excited to venture down to The Alley and test out some of the food options.


The Alley is located right on St Kilda road under and in between office buildings. Having said this though, you would expect something a little stark but The Alley is in a group of shops that seems to be an oasis in the centre.  The grass out the front with a lovely outdoor area.  It is pretty amazing.  Plus there is a park very nearby, so you could potentially walk out and walk around the corner and sit in Fawkner Park.  Seems to be win-win to me.

Vegan Options

Vegan options, well, it’s everything.  This place has gone full vegan.  Credit to them for doing this.  There are your classics on the menu in Burgers, but they do Taco Bowls and Mac & Cheese.  Lots of smoothies and Remedy Kombucha, who we are big fans of.


Ok, the food verdict, I had the Maple Bacon Burger with some of the Sweet Potato Fries and Jaime had the Mac & Cheese with some Kombucha.  I must say the Gluten Free Buns they have at The Alley are pretty amazing.  The burger itself was really well balanced.  Not too heavy and certainly not dripping in oil.  Simple in nature and definitely worth trying out.  The fries were a little crunchy, with lots of small bits.  Understandably they are air baked so will be different but for $6.95 for fries, I think I was expecting more, or maybe put them as an add-on option which is a bit less of a price point.  The Mac & Cheese, according to Jaime, was ok.  Not out of this world but not terrible.  I think she just really wanted the Taco Bowl and had some food regret.


We will definitely be going back, but I would probably only be getting the burgers next time and a drink.



Simon Hall
Simon Hall

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