Urban Projuice – Albert Park VIC (Scrambled Tofu Everywhere)

We are not sure how we didn’t find this place earlier. Urban Projuice is a Wholefood Cafe & Juice Bar in a refurbished two-storey Victorian terrace in Albert Park. Everything they put on your plate is locally grown, seasonal, fair-trade and Organic where possible.  I mean it doesn’t get much better than that right.  How could a place with wholefoods and organic produce be better.  Well they do.

They get better by having a menu that offers the option for eggs or scrambled tofu. That’s right, you don’t have to pay for that pesky egg that you didn’t want.  Which you all know is the case at every single cafe you go to for breakfast.  Just about all of their menu options are vegan and gluten free, giving us almost too many options!  But that’s not a problem, because we can easily go back again and again and again.

“A community of down to earth foodies dedicated to nourishing your body & satisfying your senses. We are passionate about health & well being and are committed to bringing you fresh produce that is locally grown, seasonal, fair-trade and Organic where possible. We care so much about the planet that we use eco friendly products designed for a sustainable future.”

Menu items include smoothie bowls, big vegan breakfast, a tasty tofu scramble and most instagram popular, fluffy buckwheat vanilla pancakes.

Need some healthy catering? Urban Projuice can provide a range of food and beverages for your next gathering or event. Get in touch for options.

Urban Projuice
315 Montague St, Albert Park
Melbourne Victoria 3206


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