Pie Face Just Release A Plant-Based Pie & Sausage Roll

Pie Face has taken to Facebook to announce their latest pie & sausage roll flavours. They just happen to be 100% Plant-Based. Stating very candidly that it’s ‘Made from plants, tastes like beef’.

In less than 2 hours it’s received plenty of traction within the vegan community. Showing that we all just want a pie that tastes good and a classic sausage roll.


The Mexi Plant Pie consists of a plant-based mince, crushed tomato, mushroom, onion, kidney beans, and garlic. The Sausage Roll is made from the same plant-based mince, crushed tomato, carrot, onion, and garlic.

The new pie & sausage roll is available at all Pie Face stores, including United Petroleum locations. Made from 100% plant-based ingredients but stored next to the other pies.

There is not a gluten-free option at this stage but they are taking notes on the comments made on their Facebook post. It’s great to see a company listening to the people and delivering goodness to their fans.


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