Bakers Delight Adds Vegan Cheesy Bite To Permanent Menu

Bakers Delight are proud to introduce its best vegan snack since sliced bread, with their meatless Vegan Cheesy Bite.  Following a three week trial at 29 Victorian stores, the excitement for the product spread, with people requesting the Vegan Cheesy Bite at bakeries outside the trial. As a result, the Cheesy Bite is hitting the product list. 

The Vegan-Friendly Cheesy Bite will be a vegan-friendly alternative to the popular Savoury Bite and although small in size, the new product represents a large milestone for the growing vegan community, who continue to see more plant-based options available in nationwide eateries. 

A favourite among customers, the Savoury Bite has been a popular on-the-go snack for many years and Bakers Delight are proud to offer a vegan-friendly alternative so more people can enjoy it. 

Bakers Delight Vegan Cheesy Bite
Bakers Delight – Vegan Cheesy Bite


The Vegan-Friendly Cheesy Bite is not only a tasty snack but also a source of plant-based protein, totalling 8.0 grams of protein per serving. 

The Vegan-Friendly Cheesy Bite will join the already 150 strong product range of vegan-friendly products available at Bakers Delight. Being the first vegan snack in the bakeries repertoire, there is a promise of more vegan snack products to come in the not so distant future. 

Bakers Delight Joint CEO, Elise Gillespie is very proud to be expanding the snack range to include vegan-friendly products. 

“We like to think Bakers Delight is a great place for everyone in the community to grab a snack on the go, so it’s exciting to now have a delicious Savoury Bite option available for Vegan customers,” said Elise. 

“Every day our bakers produce dozens of delightful breads and snacks that are perfect for people with special dietary requirements, whether they be Vegan, dairy or egg intolerant or experience excessive bloating or IBS because they are sensitive to FODMAPS.” 

The Vegan-Friendly Cheesy Bite will be available from participating bakeries from Thursday, 19 September.

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