The Australian Vegan Handbags You Need

When talking about handbags, most people will say that they love leather. Leather, for the look, feel, and durability. What most people/consumers don’t understand is that:


1. “Genuine Leather” doesn’t necessarily mean it comes from a cow. It can be made from buffalo, goats, cows, or even dog skin.
2. Leather can take just as long to break down as vegan leather. The chemicals are so harsh and toxic to ensure the skin is preserved for such a long amount of time that they too hang around for a long time. Leather tanning is one of the most toxic industries in the world, killing animals, people, and our planet. Leather is no better than pleather.


Thankfully, these days plastic leather or “pleather” is out, and more sustainable options are in. Australian tastemakers and designers are at the forefront of vegan handbags. So while we are all shopping online, let’s choose local.

If you’re looking for some new fashionable arm candy, in handbag form, here are the best Australian vegan handbag brands.

A_C Official

AC is the synonym for Ahimsa Collective. Ahimsa meaning ’cause no harm’ in Ancient Sanskrit. Busting onto the sustainable fashion scene on International Women’s Day in 2018. Founder, Tessa Carroll is coming up with new ethical innovations all the time.  “A_C Official was founded to disrupt the Carry-goods Industry and prove that sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free products actually do exist.” The bags are made from Desserto Cactus leather and Pinatex® Pineapple leather.

If you’re after a stylish carry-all bag that fits your water bottle, keep cup, lip gloss, and other essential items the tote is it. It also won Best Carry-All in the PETA Fashion Awards 2021. Styles include the handy backpack, clutch, wallet, doctor, tote, and crossbody bags.

All A_C bags use recycled materials to form the structure and lining like neoprene. This Ecoprene is made up of recycled carpets, recycled water bottles, pre-consumer off-cuts, and post-consumer textile waste.

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Kinds of Grace

Founder, Grace Newstead, grew up in Hong Kong, watching her mom sew her own clothes and developing an enduring joy for fashion. Her goal is to show that handbags and goods can be luxurious and vibrant, full of color and life, without harming animals.

Kinds of Grace creates vegan purses, handbags, and wallets using Faux Wool, Eco PU, and Pinatex®. Inside, you’ll find kind, vegan silk lining, and a phone and slip pocket, as well as another zip pocket for safety

20% of their profits support charities that protect animals and the environment. Double tick.

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Kyra +Kenja

Kyra + Kenja, in Bakery Lane QLD, is dedicated to providing its customers with a range of customizable handbags. Customers can choose from the wide spectrum of colors and styles, as well as add personal touches such as initials or monograms on some bags. Kyra +Kenja has been designing these fashionable pieces since August 2016 at an affordable price point.

Kyra + Kenja’s handbags are handmade using the highest-grade synthetic leathers, premium polyurethane, and neoprene. The brand’s range includes clutches, shoulder bags, totes, backpacks, and wallets.

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Peta + Jain

PETA + JAIN is a vegan handbag label that’s effortless yet versatile. Founded by Jane da Silva and Peta Wessell, who between them have worked on some of the most recognised brands in footwear and accessories, the brand has been gaining a strong following in Australia since its launch in 2017

Peta + Jain design fashionable vegan Crossbody, tote bags, backpacks, mini bags, shoulder bags. Their bags are created in Nylon or vegan leather.

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Anew Atelier

anew / əˈnjuː / in a new or different and typically more positive way.

Sydney-based Gemma Trebilco founded her vegan handbag business, Anew Atelier after becoming vegetarian in 2010.

The range of totes and pouches is made from Eco-PU and Apple Peel leather. A bio-based, vegan leather material derived from industrial apple peel waste. The apple peels are dried, powdered, and mixed with PU material to create a very durable and eco-friendly vegan leather.

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Sans Beast

Sans Beast was established by Cathryn Wills after working in Australian fashion retail for nearly 30 years, after realising a disconnect between her work and her ethical philosophy.  Officially launching in March 2018, with a line of fashionable, leather-look vegan totes and satchels.

The collection is made from 54% virgin polyurethane-coated fabric, 42% recycled eco PU and 4% Desserto Pelle organic cactus ‘leather’. Sans Beast donates $1 from every purchase to the animal rescue sanctuary Edgars Mission, if you needed another reason to buy.

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St. Oddity

St. Oddity is an independent label born in Sydney. If you’re after a luxe vegan handbag with customised hardware, this is your brand.

These bags are made from “Cruelty-free, premium microfibre leather made from high-grade polyurethane resin and ultra-fine microfibre bundles which are combined together to mimic the microscopic structure of leather. Scratch and tear-resistant.”

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Samara Bags

Salima started SAMARA Bags in December 2017 with one goal: create stylish bags which were cruelty free while still maintaining simplicity as well as elegance. She runs the business with her sister, Samara (who the business was named after).

The brand started out of a need for small, minimalist purses and wallets that were not overtly branded, that were eco-friendly, not posing any harm to animals, without luxury markups but with the same quality as higher-end brands.

Samara bags are made from Apple leather, PU, recycled plastic bottles, and recycled ocean plastics.

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