A Complete List of Where to Buy Vegan Easter Eggs

We have survived another rotation around the sun. One of your favourite holidays is fast approaching! Easter is a magical time of the year, whether you are religious or not. We get to enjoy 4 days off and your favourite chocolate brands shape their treats into eggs and bunnies.
Here’s the ultimate list of where to find dairy free Easter eggs and the brands available.



From $6.49
Brands: Choices & Sweet William

Big W

Brands: Sweet William, Just Chocolate, Chocolatier


Brands: Lindt bunny


Cruelty free shop (in-store or online)

From $2.60
Brands: Alpha, Belvas, Booja Booja, Eskal, Moo Free, Organic Times, Plamil, So Free, Sweet William, That Chocolate and Treat Dreams



Brands: Lindt bunny from $4.50 and Frey (Woolworths brand) dark bunny $8


Loving Earth

Box of Boobook Chocolate Eggs


Treat dreams

Limited Edition Dream Egg gift pack, Classic Dream Egg gift pack Vanilla and egg ‘yolk’ cream eggs, Limited Edition Caramel Filled mini Easter eggs, Limited edition White chocolate solid mini Easter eggs.


Hopper HQ Moorabbin (in-store or online)

From $5
Brands: Hopper, Sweet William, So Free, Moo Free, Plamil, Alpha, Carobana, Allergy Train and Noble.


Ace vegan eggs

$6.50 per egg or $36 for a carton of 6


Vegan Online

From $4.99.
Brands: Nestar, Treat Dreams, So Free and Alpha.


Vegan Perfection (Online)

Brands: Booja, So Free, Plamil and Bonvita


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