Part 12: Pumped up wigs

Part 12: Pumped up wigs

Pump up songs

There are many ways you can take the chemo drug and it is different for each person and each type of cancer. I, unfortunately, have a few friends going through this at the same time. One has breast cancer and has intravenous treatment, the other has bowel cancer and has a port in her chest attached to a bag of chemo.

One of the things I forgot to mention last time that about chemo is that mine comes in capsule form and I have to take it for 5 days in a row with water only. No eating for 2 hours before and 1 hour after… and I cannot swallow pills without food, I’ll blame my mum for that.  So every time that I would take my pill (9 pm) I would gag and almost throw it up.

This was my ritual:

7 pm: Dinner

8pm: anti nausea (dissolvable)

9 pm: Go in to the bathroom with my phone, medicine, and water so that Simon couldn’t watch me. Start playing music to get me pumped up. Popular choices were “eye of the tiger” and Katy Perry. Then swallow that sucker.


Round 2

This round I told my Oncologist that I was having trouble and she now allows me to have a small mouthful of food with the capsule. Winning! (in the scheme of things).
My mum also came to visit this time and help out which was amazing. I was recovering from the flu while starting this course of chemo and she helped with all the little things like feeding the cats and emptying the dishwasher and of course keeping me company. I felt fine for the first couple of days and come Thursday when Mum was due to go home, I started throwing up about twice a day.

Cannabis oil

I managed to find somewhere that can prescribe medical marijuana last month. They can provide the ‘daytime’ cannabis oil which is CBD based and does not have any of the hallucinogenic properties as well as the THC dominant oil and cookies for night time. Unfortunately, because I started taking it while I was feeling ill from chemo the first time, I can no longer stand the smell. So I have to come up with some creative ways to ingest it
Firstly, Simon whipped up a batch of vegan chocolate brownies for night time. And I have been doing a bit of reading on suppositories.. or as the younger people call it “shelving”. I haven’t tried this yet but I will let you know how it goes.

All the wigs

During the last couple of months I have built up quite a collection of wigs. Wigs are fun, you can have a new look every day and chuck it on when you are walking out the door.
Here are all the wigs I have so far, they vary in price and quality. You get what you pay for, as you would expect the ones from china don’t have as much ‘hair’ in them and you can tell they are a wig at the front. My favourites are the everyday wig and the ones from Lustre Cosmetics. They are adjustable underneath and look the most realistic:
Wig options
All of my wigs


  1. The Kendall – Lustre Cosmetics $130 + postage
  2. 12″ Synthetic ombre Blonde Hair – Ali Express $9.95 + postage
  3. The Boss Braids – Lustre Cosmetics $150
  4. Purchased by Simon from Ali Express – approx. $12
  5. Pink Party Wig – Donated by my friend Philomena
  6. Everyday brunette wig – Creative Wigs in Melbourne CBD Approx $400 purchased by mum
  7. Shangke Short Bob Wig – Ali Express $8.96 + postage
  8. Orange rock n roll wig – Donated by my friend Philomena
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