6 Vegan Salads That Will Make You Friends

That time of year has rolled around again where you pack away the trackies and start venturing out to other people’s houses. If you’re stuck for ideas on what salad to bring to the next BBQ, here are some great recipes.

From 10 minute lentil to fancy potato salads, we have a dish for every occasion.

Roasted Eggplant and Quinoa Salad with Pear and Mint


Eggplant is delicious and an incredibly versatile ingredient in cooking. I love eggplant in this roasted salad, paired with sweet roasted capsicum, fresh pear, peppery rocket, and quinoa.

It’s become one of my favourite salads to meal prep with. And I love to mix up some of the ingredients like swapping pear for crisp apple or toasted almonds for walnuts. It’s one of those salads that you can be flexible with using up what you have in the fridge. Best of all, eggplant is in season now!

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roasted eggplant and quinoa salad


Peach Quinoa Salad


This Vegan Peach Quinoa Salad is a non-traditional fresh summer salad with all your favourites, topped with a white bean dressing. This salad looks incredible and follows up with a fresh taste with some really delicious elements. It is perfect for summer, but you could make this any time of the year and be very happy.

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Peach Salad


Lentil Tabouleh


If you’re looking for a meal under 10 minutes, this salad is for you. this revitalising dish will take you only 5 minutes to prep and has all the ingredients to tick boxes to keep you feeling full (thank you, lentils) but not ready to head butt the desk. Mint and parsley provide a nice little kick of freshness, perfect for hot summer days and the salad keeps well, meaning you can enjoy it across 2 meals if it lasts that long!

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Vegan Lentil Tabouleh


Thai Noodle Salad


My all-time favourite Thai noodle salad. Make this today and tomorrow’s lunch is sorted!

Raw ingredients make up the bulk of this Thai noodle salad, meaning this is the perfect meal for a summer picnic or when you are wanting something incredibly flavourful that will yield plenty of leftovers without spending hours in the kitchen over a hot stove/oven.

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thai noodle salad


Russian Potato Salad


Thought you knew potato salad? Think again. This is an Italian/Russian twist on the potato salad. It is vegan and gluten-free and you will have it in under one hour.

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Russian Potato salad



The Easiest Vegan Caeser Salad


The Caesar Salad is a classic for good reason. It’s creamy, crunchy, refreshing, salty and basically hits every spot. We decided to simplify this recipe for the Vegan Caesar Salad so that you weren’t buying heaps of ingredients you won’t use again or taking 30 mins to prep and cook.  This is going to be the easiest Vegan Caesar Salad you will find, with minimal ingredients but still packs a punch that will have you doubling up on your serves.

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