Green Man’s Arms

Green Man’s Arms is the first fully vegetarian pub in Melbourne, with the aim to bring delicious pub food with a twist to Carlton. Owners Alison and Fred opened the pub a year and a half ago, aiming to provide sustainable food with a focus on seasonal ingredients. The name is based on the mythical legend “Green Man” from Arthurian folklore.

The menu changes every three months and with the availability of local ingredients. You can get pub classics like burgers, schnitzel, and pie. To more gourmet dishes such as roasted corn with yuzu, coriander, and puffed rice, slow baked carrots and seasonal salads. All demonstrating the use of vegetables in creative and delicious ways. The menu is vegetarian, with most dishes having the option to be made vegan. The majority of beer and wine is also vegan-friendly, as well as many cocktails which are designed using offcuts from the kitchen to reduce waste.

The Food

A favourite is the Green Mans Cheeseburger, made from a black bean and shitake mushroom base. It’s hearty and comforting served with crispy potatoes and house-made tomato sauce. The vegetable dishes and salads are innovative, fresh and flavourful, proving that vegetables definitely don’t have to be boring.

The pub is comfortable and homey with a retro-inspired theme designed by Alison who is also an interior designer. The front is bright and relaxed where you can chill out, have a drink at the bar and enjoy a pub meal. The back is set up for a more fine-dining experience where you can enjoy an evening of delicious food and biodynamic wine. It’s high-end service with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Photos by Katie Graham

Green Man’s Arms
418 Lygon Street
Carlton, Victoria

  • Open hours: 4pm – 11pm (Mon – Thu) 12pm – 1am (Fri & Sat) 12pm – 11pm (Sun)
  • Cuisine: Vegetarian Pub Food
  • Price range: $
  • Serves: Lunch & Dinner
  • Vegan options: 100% Vegan Food
Katie Graham
Katie Graham

Katie is a photographer and digital content producer with a passion for delicious vegan food, baking & sustainability. She is a big foodie who loves finding and trying all the best plant-based food spots in Melbourne and around the world. She especially loves desserts and is an avid baker, running a vegan cake business on the side.

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