Tyranny of Distance

Tyranny of Distance is a Chapel precinct institute. Opening in 2008, they have just celebrated their 10th anniversary. Originally a cafe that opened from 7 am, Tyranny shifted to a PM only venue. Opening at 3 pm for food and drinks has allowed them to be more focused and shift with the scene in Windsor.

Old becomes new again In what once was an old service station. The kitchen area was once a lubritorium. Most fittings and fixtures have been upcycled, such as outdoor lamps fashioned from gas bottles. A Melbourne based jeweler and goldsmith, Marcos Davidson makes custom jewelry and architectural fittings such as chandeliers and door handles.

Tyranny of Distance Owners Carlo Colosimo (Lounge, Big Mouth & Two fingers) and George Lukas (Tusk, Blue Elephant & Virgin Mary) are not new to the hospitality game. They both have the same “Bauhaus” vision for the venue.

When asked about turning Tyranny of Distance vegan, Carlo says “On a personal level, I generally aim towards maintaining my health, I am not vegan but see the value in it for both health and ethical reasons. I feel, that focusing on a specific segment of food will allow us to both simplify and improve our food offer. There seems to be a growing amount of committed Vegans and I also see there may be others who are interested in vegan food for perhaps similar reasons to my own.”

Food and Drink

Now, Tyranny is a popular spot to grab a drink during happy hour (4-7pm) and to stay on into the evening. Recently they also announced that the kitchen was going all vegan (thank you Jebus). Snagging the amazing Head Chef Elle Cartmill.

Cartmill has recently stepped back on to land after 10 months at sea on the MV Bob Barker cooking for the Sea Shepherd crew. Elle enjoys cooking “Food that indulges the ‘homestyle’ feeling – doesn’t leave you feeling hungry – disguises itself as “the real thing” and generally knocks your socks off with flavour.” We can attest that the new menu is exactly this.

Our picks are the loaded nachos on crispy gyoza skins, eggplant parmigiana with mozzarella and ‘bacon’, the street tacos and the HUGE classic American cheeseburger. The BBQ bacon cheeseburger option comes with a succulent beef patty, extra cheese slices, bacon, onion rings, and BBQ sauce.  

Tyranny of Distance
147 Union Street
Windsor VIC 3181

  • Open hours: 3pm – 1am (7 Days)
  • Cuisine: homestyle comfort food
  • Price range: $$
  • Serves: Dinner and drinks
  • Vegan options: 100% vegan kitchen
Jaime Hall
Jaime Hall


Jaime is a designer, writer, and co-founder of messy veggies.

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