A New Decadent Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Slice Just Hit Coles

Coles bakery team has just released a new decadent and vegan chocolate hazelnut slice. It’s exactly what you want to serve for anyone that comes over for dinner as a beautiful dessert to end your night, a Creamy Chocolate Mousse Topped with Dark Chocolate Ganache and Roasted Hazelnuts. Sounds epic right?! But there is a catch, there is a limit of 20 vegan chocolate hazelnut slices per person 😂 Thanks COVID!



Now if you are already at Coles you may as well prep for the rest of the meal, and if you’re gonna do it right you need to be bringing them over so you can cook burgers together because Coles has released a vegan version of their special burger sauce. The original Coles burger sauce took over the nation with it’s selling out across the country.

There were calls for a vegan version of this special sauce and Coles came to the party to create a plant-based version. This is going to help you create the perfect plant-based burger at home and has the same creamy texture and tangy gherkin and dill taste the original is famous for.

Coles Vegan Special Burger Sauce


Don’t dillydally get Coles to either deliver the special burger sauce vegan version to you and make sure they add in that vegan hazelnut spread

If you’re looking for any recipes for great plant-based burgers click the following link.

Sold exclusively from select Coles Supermarkets.

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