All The Best Vegan Food That Hit Supermarkets In April 2021

The rapidly increasing selection of vegan-friendly food products available in major supermarkets makes it easier than ever for many to adopt a plant-based diet. As Earth Day comes and goes for another year, many people may be considering removing animal products from their diets to reduce their impact on the environment. This month’s slew of new offerings available in Woolworths and Coles should please those who are now willing to make that change, for whatever reason, and seasoned vegans alike.

This month’s list is equally impressive as the last, and should provide something to tempt everyone.

Keep in mind that some products may not be available in all stores or online, depending on your location. If the item you are seeking isn’t where you think it should be located, ask a staff member if they can help you find it, or have the department manager order it in for you. We can all help to increase demand for vegan products by making our interest known. Sometimes an item isn’t where you’d think would be most obvious. For example, Woolworths’ gluten-free hot cross buns (which also happen to be vegan) weren’t located in the bakery section at my local Woolworths store, but at the entrance to the self-serve checkouts!

And remember, if you are unsure of an item’s vegan status, you can always check it on the Fussy Vegan app. If the item isn’t listed in the app, there’s an option to contact the creators of the app to follow up with the manufacturer. Of course, this is also something we may be able to do ourselves. Again, this creates more demand for manufacturers to create products free of animal ingredients.

New Vegan Products At Woolworths

Some of the more interesting products this month include the Deliciou plant-based ‘Chicken’ and ‘Beef’ mixes which only require the consumer to add water to prepare their own plant-based meat creations. If you prefer something ready-made, then the imported Plant Asia ‘chicken’ skewers or ‘ribs’ might be more your style. For the home bakers there’s also a range of dairy-free chocolate pieces from Pana Organic, as well as a variety of baking mixes from New Zealand-based company Hill St.

However, the product which created the greatest response in one particular public Facebook group was the vegan egg replacer from well-known Australian supermarket brand McKenzies Foods. This product is used in baking and claims that the 70 grams of powder replaces 28 eggs! There’s also a bunch of new dairy-free yogurts, cheeses and pestos, ready-made meals and meal bases, breakfast cereals, snacks and even Woolworths’ own vanilla cake with Lotus Biscoff to whet your appetite.


My Top Pick: There’s quite a bit of hype around the Plant Asia brand, and I’m keen to try their Plant-Based Chicken Skewers with Satay Sauce.

  • So Delicious Nut Milk Yogurt Alternative Vanilla & Roasted Hazelnuts 500g $7.00
  • So Delicious Nut Milk Yogurt Alternative Coco Breeze 500g $7.00
  • Made With Plants Shredded Mozzarella Dairy Free 200g $5.00
  • Made With Plants Shredded Parmesan Dairy Free 200g $5.00
  • Made With Plants Shredded Cheddar Dairy Free 200g $5.00
  • Made With Plants Block Cheddar Dairy Free 200g $4.60
  • Woolworths Free From Dairy Basil Pesto 180g $4.60
  • Woolworths Free From Dairy Sundried Tomato Pesto 180g $4.60
  • Deliciou Plant-Based Chicken Mix 140g $9.00
  • Deliciou Plant-Based Beef Mix 140g $9.00
  • Plant Asia Plant-Based Chicken Skewers with Satay Sauce 300g $8.00
  • Plant Asia Plant-Based Ribs with Plum Sauce 300g $8.00
  • Woolworths Vegan Vanilla Cake with Lotus Biscoff 450g $8.00
  • Pana Organic Dark Chocolate Pieces 135g $9.90
  • Pana Organic Mylk Chocolate Pieces 135g $9.90
  • Pana Organic Caramel Chocolate Pieces 135g $9.90
  • Pana Organic White Chocolate Pieces 135g $9.90
  • Pana Organic 100% Cacao Powder 200g $8.00
  • Hill St Dough Base Baking Mix 390g $6.50
  • Hill St Chocolate Baking Mix 160g $6.50
  • Hill St Seed Cracker Baking Mix 160g $6.50
  • McKenzie’s Vegan Egg Replacer 70g $3.20
  • McKenzie’s Vegan Instant Dried Baker’s Yeast 200g $4.95
  • Hart & Soul Mediterranean Risotto 150g $3.80
  • Hart & Soul Mediterranean Couscous 150g $3.80
  • Hart & Soul Moroccan Couscous 150g $3.80
  • Hart & Soul Vegetable Paella 150g $3.80
  • Hart & Soul Mushroom Risotto 150g $3.80
  • Abundance Japanese Stir Fry 400g $7.50 (also at Coles)
  • Abundance Coconut Curry 380g $7.50 (also at Coles)
  • Ruffie Rustic Foods Plant Based Butter Chickenless 350g $7.00
  • Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Oak Vanilla Malt Flavour Limited Edition 435g $6.75
  • Kellogg’s Sultana Bran Gluten Free 350g $6.30
  • Nestlé Cini Minis Churros Cereal 360g $5.70
  • Health Lab Carrie’s Coconut Mylk Chocolate Bars 4 pack 160g $12.00
  • Health Lab Samantha’s Cherry Mylk Chocolate Bars 4 pack 160g $12.00
  • Health Lab Mr. Big Caramel Mylk Chocolate Bars 4 pack 160g $12.00
  • Do Good Labs El Mexicana Mix 120g $4.95
  • Do Good Labs We Got This Mix 115g $4.95
  • Do Good Labs Sunshine Mix 120g $4.95
  • Fruit-tella Hippos 120g $4.00
  • Fruit-tella Sour Wrigglers 120g $4.00


New Vegan Products At Coles

Whereas their main competitor has introduced a multitude of products from both Australian and international brands, Coles appears to be ramping up production of their own Nature’s Kitchen range. With a lower price-point, their new range of vegan cheeses in block, shredded or slice form may attract shoppers away from some of the more well-known dairy-free brands. Their convenience food range is also expanding with pies, nuggets and ready-made microwave meals.

For the pasta lovers, Dolmio, Australian Organic Food Co, and Providore all have new ranges of sauces to choose from, and an egg-free gnocchi from Guzzi’sFor the sweet tooths, there are some exciting new flavours of drinking chocolates, including a 99% sugar free Caramelised White Chocolate powder from Avalanche, birthday cake flavoured Oreo crème biscuits, and three flavours of Movietime popcorn.


My Top Pick: I’ve been a fan of the Nature’s Kitchen microwave meals for a while, so I’m tempted to try their new Cheesy Cauliflower and Hearty Mushroom & Lentil pies.

  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Plant Based Cheddar Style Block 200g $5.00
  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Plant Based Cheddar Style Shred 200g $5.50
  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Plant Based Cheddar Style 12 Slices 200g $5.50
  • Sheese Tasty Style Slices (now gluten-free) 200g $6.00
  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Plant Based Cheesy Cauliflower Pies 2 pack
  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Plant Based Hearty Mushroom & Lentil Pies 2
  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Chicken-Style Nuggets 350g $6.00
  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Thai Green Vegetable Curry With Mixed Grain Rice 350g $7.00
  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Smokey Bean Chilli With Brown Rice 350g $7.00
  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Butter Tofu Vegetable Curry 350g $7.00
  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Minestrone Soup 300g $3.00
  • Guzzi’s Golden Pasta Baby Gnocchi 500g $4.00
  • Dolmio Bolognese Ragu Slow Cooker Sauce 500g $3.70
  • Dolmio Chicken Cacciatore Slow Cooker Sauce 500g $3.70
  • Dolmio Tuscan Style Meatballs Slow Cooker Sauce 500g $3.70
  • Dolmio Mediterranean Style Chicken Base Oven Bake Sauce 175g $2.90
  • Dolmio Garlic & Italian Herbs Chicken Base Oven Bake Sauce 175g $2.90
  • Australian Organic Food Co. Bolognese Pasta Sauce 400g $4.75
  • Australian Organic Food Co. Tomato & Basil Napoli Pasta Sauce 400g $4.75
  • Providore Italian Tomato Paste 130g $2.00
  • Providore Italian Tomato & Basil Paste 130g $2.00
  • Providore Italian Tomato & Chilli Paste 130g $2.00
  • Avalanche 99% Sugar Free Caramelised White Choc 10 pack 200g $5.50
  • Cadbury Neapolitan Flavour Drinking Chocolate 250g $3.80
  • Nescafe Gold Coffee Sachets Almond Mocha 6 pack 96g $6.30
  • Oreo Birthday Cake Flavour Creme Biscuits 133g $2.00
  • Movietime Caramel Microwave Popcorn 100g $1.69
  • Movietime Movie Theatre Butter Microwave Popcorn 100g $1.69
  • Movietime Sweet & Salty Microwave Popcorn 100g $1.69
New Vegan Products At IGA

Whilst last month saw a number of new vegan-friendly products pop up at IGA stores, this month was very quiet. However, it is worth pointing out that they have a couple of vegan chewing gums from Danish company True Gum. As well as being free of animal ingredients, they are also palm oil free, sugar free and plastic free (they use the sap from gum trees in their ingredients). Unfortunately, IGA only stock a couple of their flavours.

  • True Gum Ginger & Turmeric chewing gum 21g
  • True Gum Liquorice & Eucalyptus chewing gum 21g


Stay tuned each month for the latest recap on the best vegan products to hit supermarkets across Australia.

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