All The Best Vegan Food That Hit Supermarkets In March 2021

In terms of convenience, vegans and those adopting a plant-based diet in Australia have never had it so easy. This is especially the case in metropolitan areas, where the two largest national supermarket chains seem to be locked in a constant battle to bring out the latest dairy-free ice creams and yogurts, plant-based ready meals and vegan meat alternatives, as they compete for the vegan dollar. Sometimes it seems like a new product has just hit the shelves or chiller before another appears to take its place. Oftentimes, a ‘home brand’ item or even an entire range will pop-up where an originator once took residence. Meanwhile, there is also no shortage of new local start-ups competing for their piece of the pie, alongside ‘accidentally’, or rather, ‘unintentionally’ vegan-friendly products.

A comprehensive list of new lines available at Coles and Woolworths is provided below, as well as a few items from IGA, which may or may not be available at your local stores or online, depending on your location. The regular shelf price or RRP has also been included where available. This should give you an idea of the breadth of options available, and where to look in your local supermarkets to find the newest products free from animal-derived ingredients. If in doubt, you can download the Fussy Vegan app to scan the barcode or search the name of a product to discover its vegan status. The app is also handy for avoiding allergens, palm oil, or products made by companies that test on animals. If a product can’t be found, you can contact the app makers and they’ll usually have it sorted within a couple of days.

What’s vegan and new at Coles?

The highlights this month include the new Loco range of dairy-free creams, as well as Oatly! entering the vegan ice-cream space, along with a new range of products from all-vegan brand Vegie Delights, and Coles own brand Nature’s Kitchen pizzas. The list is rounded out by a range of plant-based microwave ready meals from various companies, including newcomer, Abundance, and a variety of savoury snacks to suit most preferences.

My Top Pick: Vegan-friendly microwave meals is a segment that has really taken off in the last couple of years, and the Japanese Curry from Abundance is probably my new favourite.

  • Loco Non-Dairy Dollop Cream 300mL $3.50
  • Loco Non-Dairy Thickened Cream 200mL $3.00
  • Loco Non-Dairy Sour Cream 200mL $3.00
  • Oatly! Chocolate Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert 473ml $9.50
  • Oatly! Vanilla Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert 473ml $9.50
  • Oatly! Mint Chip Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert 473ml $9.50
  • Bakery DuJour vegan croissants 3-pack 168g $2.25
  • Coles Bakery Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cookies 6 pack $3.00
  • Fry’s Plant Based Pea Protein Mince 300g $7.00
  • Meet Meetballs 240g $9.50
  • Meet Tenders 250g $9.50
  • Vegie Delights Beetroot Bites 240g $6.00
  • Vegie Delights Sweet Potato Bites 240g $6.00
  • Vegie Delights Pepperoni Style Slices 150g $6.00
  • Vegie Delights Chicken Style Slices 150g $6.00
  • Vegie Delights Bacon Style Rashers 150g $6.00
  • Ollie’s Kitchen Pumpkin Gnocchi 500g $3.75
  • Ollie’s Kitchen Sweet Potato Gnocchi 400g $3.75
  • Lean Cuisine Vegan Plant Protein Spiced Cauliflower Lentils & Cous Cous 280g $4.50 (also available at Woolworths)
  • Super Nature Gnocchi Vegan Spinach Gnocchi in Romesco Sauce 350g RRP $9.00
  • Abundance Japanese Stir Fry 400g $7.50
  • Abundance Coconut Curry 380g $7.50
  • Coles Perform Mixed Bean Chilli 330g $8.00
  • Coles Perform Cauliflower Potato & Chickpea Curry 340g $8.00
  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Hawaiian Pizza 250g $7.00
  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Meat-Free Meat Lovers Pizza 250g $7.00
  • Coles Nature’s Kitchen Supreme Veggie Pizza 250g $7.00
  • Carman’s Goodness Crackers Sea Salt 150g $4.50
  • Carman’s Goodness Crackers Caramelised Onion 150g $4.50
  • Carman’s Goodness Crackers Garlic & Herb 150g $4.50
  • Red Rock Deli Gourmet Crackers Murray River Pink Salt & Black Pepper130g $4.00
  • Red Rock Deli Gourmet Crackers Sundried Tomato & Italian Herbs 130g $4.00
  • Thins Potato Chips Peri Peri Limited Edition 150g $3.50
  • Thins Potato Chips Summer BBQ Limited Edition 150g $3.50


What new vegan-friendly products can you find at Woolworths?

Not wanting to be outdone, Woolworths has launched their brand of Plantitude vegan yogurts, alongside a rebranded and updated range of ‘yogurt alternatives’ from So Delicious. In the plant-based meat category there are new products from Veef, Earth, Moving Mountains and The Why Meat Co. A pizza from German vegan supermarket brand Veganz, two new Macro home brand ready-made meals, and a couple of soups from ECS Botanic Foods will give comfort in the cooler weather, and there’s even a new flavour of Coco Pops.

My Top Pick: I am really keen to try the new Dark Choc flavour in the So Delicious yogurt range.

  • Plantitude Coconut Strawberry Yogurt 500g $5.40
  • Plantitude Coconut Vanilla Yogurt 500g $5.40
  • Plantitude Coconut Natural Yogurt 500g $5.40
  • Plantitude Coconut Passionfruit Yogurt 500g $5.40
  • So Delicious Nut Milk Yogurt Alternative Dark Choc with Cacao Nibs 150g $3.50
  • So Delicious Nut Milk Yogurt Alternative Blueberry-liscious 150g $3.50
  • So Delicious Nut Milk Yogurt Alternative Salted Caramel Bliss150g $3.50
  • So Delicious Coconut Yogurt Alternative Tropical Punch 150g $3.50
  • So Delicious Coconut Yogurt Alternative Very Berry 150g $3.50
  • Earth Chickenless Schnitzel 300g $7.00
  • Earth Fishless Fingers 300g $7.00
  • Earth Meat-Free Sausages 300g $7.00
  • Earth Meatless Mince 350g $7.00
  • Moving Mountains Plant Based Hot Dogs 4 pack 240g $9.00
  • Moving Mountains Plant Based Vegan Burger 2 pack 220g $9.00
  • Veef Plant-Based Bacon Bits 300g $6.50
  • The Why Meat Co. Gluten Free Plant Based Sausage Rolls 40g x8 pack 320g $9.40
  • The Why Meat Co. Plant Based Sausage Rolls 40g x10 400g $9.40
  • Veganz Verdura Pizza 480g $8.50 (NSW and VIC)
  • Macro Three Bean Chilli With Capsicum, Corn & Quinoa 400g $9.00
  • Macro Veggie & Chickpea Curry With Cauliflower, Kale & Quinoa 400g $9.00
  • ECS Botanic Foods Italian Borlotti Bean Soup 330g $5.00
  • ECS Botanic Foods Indian Masala Lentil Soup 330g $5.00
  • Kellogg’s Golden Gaytime Coco Pops 330g $5.40 (also at Coles)
What new vegan goodies are there at IGA?

Independently owned grocers carry a varying range of products, particularly in the vegan/plant-based sector, but there are still some handy products to add to your weekly shopping list. The most notable new product which is not currently available in the two major chains is a Professional plant-based cream product from Flora. There’s also a new range of flavoured crispbreads from gluten-free/vegan specialty company Orgran, and a couple of new frozen ready meals from Super Nature.

My Top Pick: If you are a keen baker or home cook, the Flora Professional Plantcream could be a possible game-changer for you.

  • Flora Professional Plantcream 1L $11
  • Orgran Splits Sweet Potato flavoured Crispbreads $3.50
  • Orgran Splits Tomato flavoured Crispbreads $3.50
  • Orgran Splits Pumpkin flavoured Crispbreads $3.50
  • Orgran Splits Black Bean flavoured Crispbreads $3.50
  • Orgran Splits Beetroot flavoured Crispbreads $3.50
  • Super Nature Lentil Dahl 350g RRP $6.30 (also at Woolworths)
  • Super Nature Wellness Bowl Cacciatore Style Plant Protein with Farro Ancient Grain Mix 350g RRP $6.30 (also at Woolworths and Coles)


Stay tuned each month for the latest recap on the best vegan products to hit supermarkets across Australia.

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