Fable’s Vegan Ready Made Meals Are Exactly What You Need In Your Life

Fable Food co launched into the plant -based food market with a burst. Their signature beef product made from shiitake mushrooms wowed everyone in the plant based and non plant-based community. The newest product to come from fable food lab is ready-made meals.  A new way to enjoy the unique product, which only takes 3 mins to heat and serve. The three new ready-made meals include a Chilli Con Carne, Stroganoff and a Rogan Josh.

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They all use Fable Plant Based Braised Beef which is created using ingredients that are as minimally processed as possible, from the hero in Shiitake mushrooms, gluten free soy sauce, tapioca flour  and more.  The new ready-made meals are exclusively available at Woolworths and come in at 350 g serving packs for $10.


Stroganoff Fable
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The ready-made meals come in vacuum sealed packs which don’t need to be pierced just placed into the microwave and heated. The food seal is able to steam all of the rice and other components perfectly, as it mimics a baloon in the microwave, and you just carefully remove the film once you’re finished cooking.

You can hack each of the different ready-made meals as well if you want to transform it into something a bit bigger. Fable have their own twists to each meal on their website. The fable stroganoff can be modified with the use of a fresh garden salad, steamed asparagus and a tomato and herb salad.


Rogan Josh Fable
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The Rogan Josh is perfect to pair with some papadaums or naan, raita and some chopped coriander to just bring out the flash flavours. The Chilli Con Carne is begging for corn chips, salsa and sour cream. Paired with a little avocado and you’ve got yourself a pretty amazing meal.


Chilli Con Carne Fable
Images from fablefood.co


Head to the ready meal section at Woolworths to find the Fable Food Co meals.

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