Milo Just Went Plant-Based And Broke The Internet

Milo is one of those staple pantry items every kid in Australia grows up with. Now the popular malted chocolate drink has released a plant-based version of the iconic drink.

Invented in 1934, Milo has endured for decades, with good reason. The powder is so very versatile, from recipes to various drinks, there are plenty of different ways to use Milo. Now, you can just do them all vegan.

While there has been no news on Milo’s social media platforms, the rest of the internet is going nuts for the new plant-based version. With images of people finding it in Coles poping up everywhere.

The new Milo Plant-Based Energy Dairy Alternative isn’t any different from the original in size of container or price. Making the option to switch over from the dairy version to the plant-based simple and easy without any difference to your bank account.



You can find the new vegan-friendly Milo at Coles for $7.

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