Move Aside Green Smoothie. Gelato with Benefits is Here and it Comes in a Shake!

Always fresh, always delicious and endlessly innovative, the team at Gelatissimo have introduced their latest product, the new Gelato with Benefits range – new flavours which promote beneficial ingredients as the hero.  What’s more, the gelato can now be made into a thick shake, creating the post-workout treat of your dreams!!

The vegan option in this range is the CHOC COCONUT PROTEIN, a creamy vegan-friendly choc coconut gelato, made with Blessed Protein Powder. With a non-dairy base of coconut and soy milk, this is the perfect flavour for the plant-based customer or those wanting to try something dairy-free. Blessed Protein is an all-natural, vegan-friendly, gluten-free plant protein powder made from pea protein, produced with 100% sustainable raw ingredients. And with the shake coming with an extra scoop of protein powder it’s the perfect post-workout treat!


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The shakes are $9 each and available in all stores across Australia for a limited time only.


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