MyLife Has Launched An Extended Line Of New Plant-Based Products Into Coles

MyLife BioCheese, Australia’s leading maker of plant-based foods that are dairy, gluten and soy free, announced their highly anticipated product expansion in Coles stores across Australia.
The pioneering plant-based brand announced multiple new lines and premium innovations, including a flavorsome dairy-free BioMarinated.

The Australian company has picked an apt time for its launch of several innovations given the rising need to dine at home, including a new version of their popular BioCheese Parmesano, now grated for your convenience.

“During these unprecedented times, our customers and their dietary needs remain top priority, and we’re committed to continuing to provide Australians with the incredible plant-based products that they have come to expect from MyLife BioCheese,” notedTerry Paule, CEO of MyCo.

BioCheese Pizza Shred ($8.00): This staple shred is made with coconut oil, providing a mild nutty flavour that melts and stretches easily and evenly, without going oily. An ideal plant-based simulant shredded for your convenience in a resealable bag. Perfect for pizza, pasta, nachos and many more of your favourite dishes.

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BioCheese Grated Parmesano ($7.50): This authentic-tasting dairy-free Parmesano has a unique hard, gritty texture all-the-while being sharp, fruity and nutty in taste. Now grated for your convenience, this Italian gem is perfect for serving on top of pizzas or pastas or through risottos and soups.

BioMarinated ($14.00): Marinated in Australian Extra Virgin Olive oil, garlic and herbs, this smooth and creamy product will be a fridge staple in no time. Enjoy on its own, spread on toast or crackers, or crumble through salads. You won’t believe it’s dairy free.

Original BioCreamy ($6.50): Introducing the perfect cream cheese simulant – ideally spread on a bagel, used in dessert recipes or even paired with strawberries as an evening snack. Entirely free of additives and preservatives, and containing only plant-based ingredients, this product is light on the stomach (and flavourful on the tastebuds).


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MyLife will also be reducing the price of their strong performing BioCheese Original Block, to $6.00.

Shoppers can find all of MyLife’s products in the refrigerated ‘Cheese’ section of Coles. With MyLife, enjoy ‘less dairy, more life’.

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