Plastic-Free Cling Wrap Breaks Down To Nothing In 180 Days

There’s a new stretch wrap hitting the market and it’s certified compostable and biodegradable. Great Wrap is an Australian start-up that is made completely from plant-based materials and will be giving consumers an environmentally friendly solution to this readily used product.

With plastic stretch wrap encasing almost every pallet sent from business to business around the world – it is estimated the number of pallets sent each year is now in the billions – Great Wrap’s goal is to remove one million tonnes of plastic from the environment within a year.


Pallet Wrap | Image from Great Wrap
Pallet Wrap | Image from Great Wrap


Great Wrap founder and CEO, Jordy Kay, was working in the wine industry for over a decade when he noticed how much stretch wrap was being used without a plastic-free solution. His experience found that a single winery could use up to 3,500,000 metres of plastic wrap every year.

“There’s a culture of concern around single-use plastics that is growing every day with the rise of reusable coffee cups, lunch boxes and even diapers. However, I think consumers would be shocked at how much plastic wrap businesses are using and is ending up in landfill,” says Jordy.

Following a successful test to market with a trial biodegradable stretch wrap in late 2019, Jordy has self-funded the research and creation of the latest iteration of Great Wrap, a 100% compostable alternative that leaves no trace of residue or microplastics and breaks down in 180 days once it enters a compost pile.


Image from Great Wrap
Image from Great Wrap


Following the initial test to market, winery, Bobar Wine, trialled Great Wrap with winemaker Tom Belford commenting, “We hate the amount of waste that can be caused by making wine, so to find an environmentally friendly solution that works just as well as the original made the switch an easy decision.”

“With each box of Great Wrap a business will save 1.2 kilometres of plastic entering landfill, making the change to Great Wrap is a no brainer for any business looking to make a positive impact,” continues Jordy.

Great Wrap has been awarded an industrial composability certification from internationally recognised German certified DIN CERTCO. Great Wrap is committed to making an environmental difference and will be partnering with Plastic Bank to remove plastic from coastal ecosystems. For every box of Great Wrap sold, 761 plastic bottles, or 15kg, will be removed.

For more information or to purchase Great Wrap, please visit www.greatwrap.co.


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