Stop Everything, A Vegan Tzatziki Just Hit Grocers Nationally

Tzatziki is a staple side dish to any Greek feast or filling for your kebab.  Long have the plant-based community waited for the day when vegan tzatziki hits supermarkets. Well, that day has come and it is My Life Bio who have taken up the challenge and delivered this plant-based product to extend their range of vegan products.

A creamy, zingy, plant-based number that is the perfect addition to any savoury meal. With origins in Greek cuisine, this “dip” has quickly become the go-to for a fresh sauce that elevates dishes.  With its versatility to spread on crackers, wraps, or serve alongside grilled vegetables it’s clear this new product from My Life Bio will add to your meals.

Image from mylifebio.net.au


How do you get your hands on this vegan tzatziki?

BioTzatziki is available at select independent grocers (e.g.- Ritchies, IGAs, Cornetts and Drakes) across Australia.

With the team at My Life Bio calling on you to help them get this into the major supermarket chains. You can use the following links them a shout at the following links for Coles and Woolworths to let them know!

Ingredient List: Water, Coconut Oil (22%) [non-hydrogenated], Starch, Cucumber (5%), Sunflower Kernel Grounded, Garlic, Sea Salt, Dill, Herbs, Thickener: Cellulose and Guar Gum, Modified Starch, Acidity Regulator: Lactic Acid (Non-Dairy) and Citric Acid, Vegan Tzatziki Flavours, Olive Extract.
Information gathered from mylifebio.net.au and is subject to change.

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