What Happens When You Make Bubble Tea Into Vegan Ice-Cream?

One of the most popular plant-based ice-cream brands has made it’s way from Asia all the way to the shores of Australia. Buono is an all-vegan ice-cream that is inspired by bubble tea.  Buono Boru Boru is completely vegan, gluten-free, with no artificial colours and will definitely knock your socks off.

It comes in two different flavours, with a green tea/matcha style called Genmaicha and the classic Thai tea flavour, both made from coconut milk to bring the full creaminess you expect from ice-cream. They also contain little balls that replicate the chewy tapioca balls you get in traditional bubble tea. Win-win.

With summer well and truly here, the cold desserts should be at the top of your go-to list.



You can get your hands on these amazing ice-cream flavours at Coles. But if you are feeling more like having a cold treat in bite-size, then their MochiIce is the one for you. Little Mochi’s with frozen treats inside, and in a wide range of flavours.

Get your hands-on various different flavours at Coles & Woolworth’s.


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Be sure to check with your store for stock & flavours.

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