FYI Pizza Hut Just Launched A Full Vegan Menu

Pizza Hut Australia has launched a full vegan menu of pizzas, garlic bread, spud bites and yes, Vegan Cornetto. And no, we aren’t starting the article with the word rejoice in it. But it is pretty cool to see another big player in global food adopting vegan menu items.

There are four different pizzas available across all Pizza Hut stores in Australia, including Vegan Cheese Lovers, Vegan Mediterranean, Vegan Deluxe, and Vegan Margherita.  But pizza isn’t really pizza without garlic bread, so there is an option there also.

In our opinion, though the best bang for your buck is the Vegan Bundle, which includes 2 large Vegan Pizza’s, 2 Vegan Sides and a 4 pack of Vegan Cornettos. Yes, that is right, you get a whole box of Vegan Cornettos in this bundle. Now that’s a sweet vegan deal.

Image from Pizza Hut

The Vegan Cornetto’s have been flying off the shelves since Streets released them in January this year. They are now a permanent fixture in Woolworths, but if you can get vegan pizza with them, we think it’s a bit of a no brainer.

Vegan Cornetto


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