How To Build The Perfect Vegan Burger (It’s An Art Worth Your Learning)

We asked a good friend of MV and long-time Chef Cameron Denning (Plant-Based Cam) to help us build the perfect vegan burger. What resulted is a gleaming tower of meaty cheesy goodness. Here’s how to make the best vegan burger at home.

How to build the perfect vegan burger

  1. A solid bun. You can either go for the soft and buttery brioche bun, there’s a Fry’s Brioche Burger bun pack at Woolworths. Or opt for a firm potato bun that can hold all of the juices and sauces. A good gluten-free bun will work too, as shown here.
  2. Simple toppings. Keep in mind that it’s a burger, not a salad. Your optional and basic toppings are lettuce, red onion, and pickles. If you can’t go without the tomato add it in.
  3. Cheese. You need a great tasting cheddar cheese alternative that will melt. We used the Made With Plants Cheddar Cheese slices . The trick with the cheese is to place it on top of the burger patty while its cooking, add a splash of water to the pan and pop the lid on. This will result in your cheese melting perfectly over the burger patty.
  4. A fatty patty. When choosing your “beef” patty, take a look at the ingredients. You want the fat content to be listed in the first 3 ingredients. Make sure the pan is HOT before cooking.
  5. Keep it saucy. a great burger has the perfect mix of dry and wet ingredients. Smear some relish on the bottom bun, add mustard (important) on top of the patty, and mayo under the top bun.
  6. Get Bacon. Yes, a little more fat for this wicked burger. You can get your hands on a few different kinds of vegan bacon. We opted for the Boar free bacon slices by Sunfed as they are Gluten-free and taste fantastic.

If you are wondering what the cheesy sauce is…..then wonder no more. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the Hello Friend Foods Cheese Sauce which seriously gives this burger not only a visual POP, but lifts the taste to a whole new level.

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