“No Beef” Meat Pies Are Becoming The New Norm

Over the last twelve months, we have witnessed the emergence of the ‘no beef’ pie. This new phenomenon taking over our service stations and convenience stores is growing by the month.

7-Eleven is the newest convenience store to bring out their own version of the Australian classic meat pie. The Plant-Based No Beef Pie retails at just $4 in most 7-Eleven stores, including the Mobil service stations. Together with a Plant-Based No Sausage Roll the new products are adding more convenience to the conscious consumer.

7-Eleven No Beef Pie - Messy Veggies (2)
7-Eleven No Beef Pie


The Soy Protein & Wheat Gluten Based filling will deceive even the most staunch meat pie fanatic. With the added benefit of no harm to any animals by eating this satisfying creation.

It was only a few months ago that Pie Face & Four’N’Twenty released their own versions of the classic meat pie with no animal products. Making it easier for customers to purchase plant-based from most service stations across the country.

Pie Face has also just released their latest versions of the Plant-Powered range, which now includes 4 Vegan options.  The Vegan Mexi Plant Pie, Vegan Sausage Plant Roll, Vegan Spag Bol Pie and now the Vegan Cheese Burger Pie.⁠


You can see how these stack up in terms of taste on Vegan Taste Test.


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