Vego Launches A White Chocolate Bar

Vego broke into the vegan market with their delicious and irresistable Vego Chocolate bars, then late last year brought out the crunchy chocolate spreadable version of the candy bar which almost broke the vegan internet. But just when we thought nothing could top that news, the vegan chocolate manufacturer has hit us with more good news.


Now, German food brand Vego has added a brand new product to its range – a creamy white chocolate bar studded with crunchy almonds.

The new chocolate bar is named ‘Almond Bliss‘ and will launch in stores across Europe in March (RRP £2.15).

Almond Bliss is a white chocolate bar with specks of almonds throughout and will be the first white chocolate bar by the German company.  The new Almond Bliss is also palm-oil free and organic.

For Australia, we don’t have long to wait as these hit the shelves in April 2019.

Stay posted, and as usual, or Cruelty Free Shops will likely get them first.

Jaime Hall
Jaime Hall


Jaime is a designer, writer, and co-founder of messy veggies.

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