Where To Get Your Vegan Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding may be a very old tradition, but Vegan Christmas pudding is reasonably new, and it’s getting better and better every year. With many of the pudding connoisseurs changing up their decades-old recipes to free them of animal products.  You can now go fancy with some beautifully wrapped Vegan Christmas Puddings or head into your favourite supermarkets and be able to pick one up easily.

Here are a few to track down.

Pudding Lady – Vegan Christmas Pudding – 500g

Source: puddinglady.com.au


Pudding Lady Vegan range replaces the butter with non-dairy based shortening, and have alternatives to eggs including plant-based protein egg replacements, producing the same rich sweet puddings with no animal products.

$32 – Online Orders Only  ($6.40 per 100g)


Itha’s Puddings & Gourmet Foods – Vegan Pudding also GF

Source: ithaspuddings.com.au


Make it fancy with 3 different sizes available at Itha’s Puddings.

$15 – 250g ($6.00 per 100g)
$30 – 500g ($6.00 per 100g)
$49 – 1kg ($4.90 per 100g)

Online Orders Only


Woolworths Gold Christmas Pudding – 1kg

vegan pudding woolworths
Image from woolworths.com.au

Unwrap a rich and robust pudding filled with citrusy flavours and spices. With a generous amount of plump juicy fruit and warm brandy, it’s a true treat for the holiday season.

$20 – Available at Woolworths ($2.00 per 100g)


Free From Gluten Fruit Pudding – 400g

Source: woolworths.com.au


A rich pudding with dried fruit and flavoured with cider and rum

$7 – Available at Woolworths ($1.75 per 100g)


Essentials Plum Pudding – 700g

Source: woolworths.com.au


A traditional, rich dried fruit pudding

$4 – Available at Woolworths ($0.57 per 100g)


Coles Gluten Free Christmas Pudding – 400g

Source: coles.com.au


packed with juicy vine fruits and a hint of cider & rum.

$7 – Available at Coles ($1.75 per 100g)


Coles Matured Christmas Pudding – 700g

Source: coles.com.au


with juicy vine fruits and a hint of cider and brandy

$7 – Available at Coles ($1.00 per 100g)


Coles Plant Based Vanilla Sponge Pudding – 400g

Source: coles.com.au

with Rich Chocolate Sauce

$8 – Available at Coles ($1.00 per 100g)

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