How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Winter

Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Winter

As far as skincare goes, summer is kind of easy. As long as you slather on that sunscreen and clean your face regularly, you’re good, but as soon as the weather starts getting cold, then we can get into trouble. Windy conditions can be quite harsh on our face, and if you tend to get even a little bit dry, then you might end up with dull, patchy-looking skin that doesn’t make you feel all that confident.

So, how can you get all that moisture back and make sure you keep looking radiant despite that moody winter weather? Let us show you!

Drink more water

Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Winter

Seems like an obvious, straightforward way to stay hydrated, and yet most of us fail to drink enough water on a daily basis. This is a small step that could take you really far and give your skin a dose of hydration from the inside out, so sip more water during the day and enjoy seeing the results after a month.

Minimize your shower time

Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Winter

A long, hot shower in winter feels absolutely amazing, but bear in mind that it can dry you out pretty quickly. Hot water is generally not very good for your skin and hair, so try to cut down on your shower time or at least use less heat.

Swap out your moisturizer

Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Winter

Your light, gel moisturizer might have been perfect in sweltering summer temperatures where you kept sweating, but winter requires you to bring in the big guns and turn to creamy products. We recommend using something with a hefty dose of hyaluronic acid and turning to paraben-free, cruelty-free vegan skincare products to avoid irritation and keep your skin nice and plump. You’ll also be more eco-friendly as an added bonus, and if you take it a step further and introduce a good serum into your daily routine, you can really get all the benefits. It’s a great idea to layer products like this in winter, just make sure to use the serum first, and the moisturizer after.

Avoid alcohol

Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Winter

We don’t mean just booze, we mean alcohol in skincare as well. Alcohol-based toners are usually the biggest issue because they are astringents that dry you out and cause your skin to get all red and flaky. Even if you have oily skin, they usually aren’t a great idea because the drying effects can actually send your sebaceous glands into overdrive and make you produce even more oil to try to make up for it. Use simple rose water to tone your face, or avoid toners altogether. If you are worried about leftover makeup on your skin simply double cleanse in a safe manner: use an oil-based makeup remover to melt makeup off your face, then wash it with a gentle cleanser and you’ll be good.

Scrubs and masks

Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Winter

Exfoliation is still super important, especially if you have a lot of dry patches and texture that are making you self-conscious. You can use chemical exfoliators such as glycolic acid once a week to smooth everything out, and you can also use a physical exfoliator (the kind that has tiny granules in it, such as sugar), to slough away dirt from your pores. If you struggle with blackheads, then steam your face for ten minutes before using the scrub. After you’re done cleansing, use a nourishing sheet mask to bring the moisture and make your skin all glowy again. You can even use a DIY version if you prefer!

Keep using that sunscreen

Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Winter

Yep, sunscreen helps a lot even in winter! Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sunscreens create a protective barrier on your skin that can help with harsh weather conditions and keep irritations caused by wind at bay. Even if this wasn’t true, you’re still susceptible to sun damage in winter (yes, even if it’s really cloudy and cold, even if there’s snow).

Use a humidifier

Heating units can really dry out your living space and pull the moisture from your skin. To prevent this, use a humidifier in your living room and bedroom, or put one in your office space if that’s where you spend most of your day.

Stay ahead of dryness by being kind and gentle to your skin! Use good products regularly and you’ll still have a stunning complexion regardless of the weather.


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