RAWKANVAS – Vegan Skincare Range

RAWKANVAS Australia is a natural and vegan skincare brand from Brisbane, Queensland. They officially launched on March 1 2018 with 11 products in total. Over 2 collections, including Raw Essentials and the Lift Collection, covering all bases for an everyday skincare routine.

The self proclaimed “Boutique form of skin food” is an all natural, plant-based, vegan, toxin-free and cruelty-free skincare range. They even use a vegan retinol for anti-ageing. The range is also manufactured in small batches in New South Wales.

From the Co-Founder

RAWKANVAS Australia Co-Founder Simona Valev, explains, ‘Much like a juice or a smoothie that contains multiple ingredients blended together for optimal benefits.
RAWKANVAS is a form of skin food to serve the same purpose. Our products are a special blend of natural ingredients enriched with vitamins and essential oils to enhance your overall beauty and health.’

Simona personally loves the night cream and says, “it’s really hydrating and smells amazing. Actually relaxes my permanently on brain at night!”

Entering a combination of highly saturated beauty, skincare and health industries Ms Valev is not deterred. ‘What sets RAWKANVAS apart is a combination of the brand philosophy, as well as the product. We represent a holistic approach to skincare, advocating the connection between beauty, health and nature. We understand that skincare is just one simple factor in an individual’s overall aesthetic health, so we encourage a lifestyle approach to beauty which is enhanced through healthy living and utilising natural products.’

‘The journey with our social media following has been incredibly positive so it was only right that we offer them exclusive access to the online store before we launch any advertising campaigns.’

The official launch for RAWANVAS has been very successful, with the social media following securing their pre-orders swiftly before the quota was met, subsequently creating a waitlist.


‘We are so extremely pleased that our philosophy and products are connecting with like-minded people who enjoy the benefits of holistic beauty.’

After a successful and exclusive launch, RAWKANVAS Australia intends on natural and humble growth to increasingly extend its product line. Offering to cater to many elements of the body, the ‘kanvas’ as they have so well forged.

See the entire range on the Rawkanvas website here:


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