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If you have ever suffered from bad skin, you know how difficult it is to find a product that significantly improves it. When you do find that product, you want to sing it from the rooftops. For me, this is Snow Fox skincare.

After undergoing harsh radiation and chemotherapy treatments my skin was horrible. It was flaky, red and bumpy. I couldn’t seem to get rid of the dryness let alone wear makeup! Eventually, after months of research, I realised that I had a form of rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition that is not curable.  I tried all sorts of natural skincare, not wearing makeup, azelaic acid, visiting my dermatologist and even heavy moisture creams. I started reading ‘queen of beauty’ Zoe Foster Blakes, Amazinger Face, and thought I had the routine down pat. But unfortunately for me, it just wasn’t working!

Then, a few months ago I started using something new. Thank you, baby Jebus for Snow Fox. In the interest of being transparent, I first came across this brand when it landed on my desk just over a year ago. The Snow Fox travel pack with a cleanser and moisturiser was perfect for an upcoming trip. So it came with me to Vietnam. While I was there my skin was all of a sudden glowing and dewy again. I chalked it up to the warm weather at the time.

Upon returning to Melbourne’s bitter and LONG winter, the flakes and redness were back. I started using the products again the symptoms started clearing up. Putting two and two together I got in touch with Phoebe Song, the magical wizard behind the brand.

Read my interview with Phoebe and find out her daily skin care routine below.

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What inspired you to come up with Snow Fox Skincare? 

I have Rosacea subtype II – Inflammatory Roscea (papulopustular). It goes beyond redness to include acne, bumps, swelling and flaking as well as hypersensitivity. It took me a long time to get it under control. Flare-ups are highly visible and unlike the more milder, common Rosacea redness, type II patients find it very difficult to wear makeup or use skincare without triggering even more problems.

How long did it take to create the products?

It was not an easy process as I was the literal lab rat for my Chemist. So many rounds of samples failed on me that we nearly gave up. It took 2 years to develop our first three items. This is why our classic cooling set is so focused on intensive repair – I was the first skin prototype our base formula was created for and my skin was not in good shape.

Do you have a lot of customers who were suffering from rosacea?

Yes. Rosacea is a permanent condition so it’s all about maintaining the skin in an optimal state to avoid breakouts. People often contact us for advice from me, so I’ll be making some content on our blog and IG channels with personal tips and tricks I use.

What is your favourite product/s? 

I will always love my very first Arctic Breeze Mask. It helps reduce redness and irritations immediately; I still use this mask weekly and alternate between the other ones sometimes depending on the environment and the state of my skin.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Phoebe’s Beauty Regime

  1. Remove makeup with organic jojoba oil and muslin face cloth (this cloth helps remove grime and makeup without scratching – used mostly for babies)
  2. Cleanse with Snow Fox Cooling Foam Cleanser (just T zone)
  3. Mask with Snow Fox Herbal Youth mask (currently my most used)
  4. Snow Fox Herbal Youth Tonic
  5. Snow Fox Cucumber Recovery Serum
  6. Snow Fox Herbal Youth facial oil
  7. Concealer
  8. Mineral BB cream
  9. Clear, natural setting powder (from RMS)

What are the most popular products?

Our best seller has always been the Arctic Breeze Mask. It’s become a cult favourite, for the same reason as I mentioned above. The one after that would be our Herbal Youth Oil. It’s just such a silky, lightweight oil that gives your skin such a beautiful glow underneath make up. I use it as a primer as well, it keeps me hydrated all throughout the day. It’s also kept me looking ageless – but that’s because it contains Brazilian Paracress, a plant nicknamed “Nature’s Botox”. It’s actually a natural muscle relaxant, formulated in just the right concentration to help release micro-tension in the face. Over time, it smooths out fine lines and stops new ones from forming. We have an extremely high return rate on the oil because of its visible effects.

Are you working on anything else exciting? 

Right now I’m neck deep in R&D for our new True Luminosity Serum. It’s a brightening serum that improves light reflection in the skin, helps with acne and can reduce redness. Its main active ingredient is a derivative of Azelaic Acid, often used to treat Rosacea. Azelaic acid is great but can be irritating on the skin, so this new form is less harsh but still contains all the same benefits and more. We’ve fortified this formula with an Ancient Egyptian flower that can help regulate oil production within 6 uses. It’s absolutely one of our most interesting formulations to date.

We heard about a flagship store in Melbourne, when can people expect to line up out the door for that?

It’s still early stages but we have a really cool new concept coming. I’m aiming to set up shop this year, but with all the exotic plants we’re importing I need to continually check with customs!

“We support animal rights and rescue charities across the globe and promote the use of cruelty-free beauty products” – can you tell us a bit more about the charities you support?

We actually work with more than just animal rights and rescues – we’ve donated to Children’s charities and refugee centers as well. I do want to introduce a very special individual though – Daniela Kohl works me directly, helping me find good NGO’s to work with. She is a Bear protection activist who rescued and adopted a baby brown bear named Eva from a Miami petting zoo. Her story is really inspiring, I can connect you both in case you want to learn more from her.

Here are some charities we (in both my individual behalf and company behalf) support: Appalachian Bear Rescue, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Support Against Malaria, Kiva, One Simple Wish, local Church groups, Temple Orphanages (Vietnam) and more. We are very careful with sending just cash – most of our donations are products or purchased goods. I was an analyst in Citibank before I became an entrepreneur, and worked on the client philanthropy front, so after a lot of due diligence in NGO’s, I think its safer to donate items that are easier to track. (There’s a whole back story there). We tend to only work with charities we have direct contact with responsible managers that we have a trusted relationship with.

Daniela is currently working with a Ukrainian group to rescue and relocate bears and lions to a sanctuary. We are currently looking into donating to a bear rescue group against bile farms in Vietnam. It’s not a pretty experience – I am planning to launch a separate channel to document this in the future but because of its graphic nature, we don’t cover this in our media much. Plus, I’m a believer in doing work rather than talking about it as it means more to me than branding.

Snow Fox Skincare is a brand that covers it all. It is organic, vegan-friendly and supports some amazing causes. I cannot wait for the Snow Fox Melbourne flagship store to land. If you use this brand, let me know what you think, I’d love to know how it has helped your skin.
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