30 Minute Christmas Exercise Routine

Stressing about missing your gym sessions this Christmas? We’ve got you covered.
Get ready to sweat with this Christmassy cardio inspired workout! No equipment needed, just download a Tabata timer app and get working, 30mins is all you need.


* Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat. Hands behind your head, contract your core and curl your upper back up from the floor.

Christmas Exercise

High Knees

* With hands at hip height as a guide, raise your knees and focus on maintaining a fast pace throughout the set.

Russian Twists

* Starting in a seated position with your feet together touching the ground. Using either hands or a small weighted object, brace your core and rotate your upper body side to side. To increase the difficulty keep feet together and slightly lift off the ground.

Christmas Exercise

Inverted Row

* Using the underside of a table, grab the outer edges pull your body up until your chest meets the surface. Slowly lower yourself back to hanging position, keeping your body straight by bracing your core and squeezing your glutes.

Step Up

* Start with your feet on the ground, plant one foot on a step evenly distributing your weight and drive up with the opposite knee. Return to starting position and alternate sides.

Toe Touches

* Starting lying on your back with knees bent and feet flat and together. Bring head, neck, and shoulders off the ground and brace the core as you tap each toe side to side.

Mountain Climbers

* Starting on your hands and toes, keeping your body straight and your hands/shoulders inline, drive knees to chest one at a time focusing on keeping up the pace.

Christmas Exercise

Air Squats

* Start with feet hip-width apart, feet facing forward. Slowing sit back by bending the hips and knees until the thighs are parallel to the ground. Think of breaking the floor beneath you as you evenly distribute the weight on your feet and return to a standing position.

Christmas Exercise

Static Lunges

* Start with feet hip-width apart, lunge with one foot forward creating a 90-degree angle with the front and back leg, keep chest up. Your knee should be tracking inline but not far over the toe. Return to starting position and alternate legs.
Christmas Exercise30 minutes workout | 45 sec work | 15 sec rest | 3 round | 60 sec rest between

Christmas workout
*Modify the exercise selection, difficulty and rest periods according to your fitness level and injuries. Always stay well hydrated and eat something small beforehand like a banana to fuel your workout.
Tips for staying on track with your diet and exercise during the festive season?
PLAN ahead when you intend to exercise (diary, phone calendar) and mark off as you go. Ensuring you’re not winging it and allowing enough time to get it done and help you maintain a good routine.
BALANCE yourself by exercising regularly and eating healthy most of the time, while still enjoying yourself and not feeling deprived. Exercise should make you feel good and keeping it consistent should have a positive impact on your mood and energy levels. Don’t wait for the new year to get back on track.
KEEP MOVING AND MEAL PREP those 10,000 steps will make a world of difference. When you have time off, focus on enjoying it with family and friends and keep your body moving. This adds to your overall activity level and is an easy way to burn some extra calories. Meal prep, even just breakfast or a few dinners will make a world of difference. It is not about being perfect, rather focus on being as consistent as possible by finding exercise your enjoy and healthy meals you like to eat. Don’t leave things to chance, be prepared!
Lastly, enjoy yourself! Happy holidays

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