Top 6 Superfoods That Heal Your Entire Body

Superfoods, what is everyone talking about? The entire world has gone berserk over a multitude of fad diets hogging the Internet, and you’ve certainly come across a slew of them while casually exploring your Facebook feed. However, most of these regimes are far from a permanent eating solution that gives you precisely what you need outside of a single specific goal, such as losing weight or managing your blood pressure.

While these benefits are beyond great, all we actually need is consistency in rewarding our bodies with healthy, wholesome foods that will heal us from within. Also known as superfoods, these delicious bites should definitely find themselves on your shopping list. Plus, with the right balance of macronutrients and calories, you’ll boost your wellbeing simply by choosing your menu carefully and infusing it with the right munchies!

1. Mighty ginger

SuperfoodThe pungent fragrance of this zesty root is enough to conjure up images of warm winter nights by the fire. Even more so, this incredibly potent immune system booster is an irreplaceable addition to your kitchen cabinet, due to its high iron, potassium, and vitamin C content.

Combine it with some lemon in your morning glass of lukewarm water, and you will help improve your digestion. You can use it in its fresh form, dried and powdered, or crushed for your home-cooked meals. When you feel nausea, this is an excellent choice for soothing your belly!


2. Delicious mushrooms

SuperfoodWho knew that this quaint forest plant belongs on the list of superfoods, right? We’ve come to believe that only fancy-named items such as spirulina or matcha can earn the title. Some of the most common foods in your farmer’s market are actually equally rich in nutrients.

Thankfully, they come in many varieties, but vegans, in particular, love them because they are the only vegan, all-natural source of vitamin D, and another vitamin group that can be difficult to come by in non-fortified foods, B vitamins. Packed with antioxidants, mushrooms are great for increasing your overall resilience and wellbeing!


3. Berry necessities

SuperfoodAs if we needed more reasons to keep guzzling these yummy treats, not just during summer, but all year long! From strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, grapes, raspberries, all the way to the fancy goji and acai berries, the world of berries is quite versatile and delicious, making your every smoothie a perfect blend of zesty aromas and health.

They are best when consumed in season, fresh, local, and raw, but you can also find frozen varieties during winter. Brimming with vitamins such as vitamin C, and minerals, they are perfect for everyday snacking for health.


4. Versatile chia seeds

SuperfoodWhen you are looking for perfect organic ingredients for your next homemade feast, look no further than the queen of all nutrient-dense seeds: the lovely chia! Don’t be fooled by its minuscule size, as it packs quite a nutritional punch with its fiber, protein, and mineral content.

Calcium, magnesium, and manganese are just some on the list of micronutrients you’ll get in high amounts from a single portion. Another perk is its low-calorie value compared to its density of goodies and its ability to keep you satiated for a long time. Perfect as a source of protein, for weight management. It can be savory, as well as sweet (try chia seed pudding, everyone).


5. The one and only garlic

SuperfoodIt may not come with the most flattering of smells (although some of us do enjoy it), garlic is one of the most powerful foods that can do wonders for your immune system, whether you’re dealing with a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection. It’s also excellent for controlling your blood pressure, keeping your heart healthy, and helping your body prevent cancer.

However, it does matter how you consume it, as it loses quite a bit of its potential when cooked or dried. So if possible, opt for the smelliest of all options: raw and crushed into your food.

6. Creamy avocado

SuperfoodNever again will you feel guilty for craving that morning treat in the shape of avocado on toast! It’s very mild, so you can use it in making raw, vegan brownies, but also for your favorite guacamole sauce with garlic. Which lets you pair the two incredibly healthy superfoods into a single dish.

Due to its high content of healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, avocado is a heart-friendly option that also provides plenty of potassium and calcium.

Although these rich and mighty ingredients are all great additions to your menu, remember to always focus on diversity and nutrient-density. That way, you’ll make the most of all the tasty superfoods in your diet without ever having to worry about sticking to yet another fad. Think healthy thoughts, and let your menu reflect your dietary needs every day!

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