Turmeric – It’s not a fad

Turmeric, the golden spice that has been used medicinally for over 4,000 years was having a moment in the sun over the past few years. But let’s not forget that this spice has stood the test of time and continues to be used in southeast Asia religiously.

Golden Grind, the vegan turmeric brand that have been farming ethically and sustainably sourced high grade turmeric for years, have some more insight about the benefits and use of this magical root.

Golden Grind, the trio of Tahli, Sage and Ren started off in a small cafe, learning about the nature of turmeric and its benefits. Through their own education process they discovered the remarkable qualities that turmeric can offer and decided to bring it closer to the public. With a rigid structure for quality first, the research and testing behind the product that Golden Grind develops is at the pinnacle of turmeric.

Golden Grind - Turmeric

But Golden Grind is much more than just a turmeric producer, with a keen regard for education, they aim to bring turmeric into your daily life. It’s a wonder spice, but it won’t work overnight. It is something that needs to be incorporated into your daily life, to extract the long term benefits. These benefits are big ones too, like anti-inflammatory, it can ease symptoms of arthritis, assist with eczema, psoriasis & acne and support liver function & digestion.

Turmeric is one of those funny spices though, as it is not easily absorbed. Which is when science plays it part. Turmeric has a particular compound which offers the most when it comes to it’s benefits. This compound is called  curcumin and it needs a little help. That is why drinking your golden latte with almond milk or coconut milk brings extra benefits because the curcumin attaches to the fat cells and makes it way into your blood. Another aspect sometimes overlooked is ensuring you mix black pepper with your turmeric, as it also increases the bioavailability of this super spice.

Fun Fact: In India and the Middle East, turmeric is heavily used in curries, which contain lots of good fats. 

One of the new products from Golden Grind is a Turmeric face mask. Warning: Do not use right before heading to brunch. The face mask offers many benefits, but we were advised to apply at night and let the turmeric naturally absorb into your skin and have a fresh shower to make sure you don’t look like you had a tragic spray tan.

The benefits are proven, and Golden Grind is bringing you the freshest and highest quality ingredients. To find out how you can incorporate this magical yellow spice in your everyday life, head to www.goldengrind.com.au

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