Where To Buy Vegan Toothpaste

Picture this, you have started cutting out animal products because, well, it doesn’t matter, you have your reasons. You are in your bathroom, you grab your toothbrush and toothpaste, you start brushing your teeth and as you do, you start to read the back of the toothpaste tube, realising halfway through that is has pig fat (known as Glycerin) in the ingredients. A sick feeling comes over your stomach as you realise that animal products come in all kinds of products. But why though?

It is hard enough to try and remove animal products from your diet without having to worry about the renamed ingredients in products or animal testing. So, let’s make it just a little easier to find some great products that will clean your teeth right but are also not harming the animal kingdom.

Vegan Toothpaste with fluoride


White Glo

Available at Woolworths and pharmacies.



Available at Woolworths


Lavera Organic Mint

Available online or at The Cruelty Free store


Dr Organic

Available online


Thursday Plantation

Available at Pharmacists and online

Without fluoride

All Smiles

Available at Woolworths


Red Seal Baking Soda

Available at Chemist Warehouse



9 varieties (Propolis with Mint is not vegan), available online at Flora & Fauna and at Woolworths.


Lush toothy tabs

An alternative to toothpaste with essential oils and spices for fresh breath and a sparkling smile

Toothy. Available from Lush


The Dirt

Available on iHerb and The Dirt website.


Lovebyt Botanical Toothpaste

Available on their website.



Available on their website.


My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal

iHerb, Flora & Fauna



Available online


Comvita Propolis

Available online at Comvita


Jack n’ Jill Natural toothpaste

Available at Flora & Fauna


Red Seal range

Available online


Riddells Creek range

Available online


Ecostore whitening

Available at Flora & Fauna


Or, if you want to be completely natural you can make your own

Make your own toothpaste

Try Coconut oil, charcoal, turmeric powder and peppermint oil. Mix together in a big bowl, and then transfer to small jars. It lasts a long time and the turmeric powder that takes the sensitivity away.

Alternatively some people use straight baking soda.

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