Betts Launches Sustainable Shoe Brand Zeroe

One of Australia’s iconic shoe brands has started their sustainable journey. The Betts brand, founded in 1892 in Perth, has just launched Zeroe. Recognising the need to become environmentally friendly, Betts has embraced sustainable materials and created an entirely new range of shoes.

Introducing recycled and water-based materials while avoiding harmful solvents and materials is the first step on their journey that they invite you to “walk with them” on. Betts Zeroe range uses DMF-free PU. DMF-free water-based PU synthetic leather is produced by the water-based resin without solvent, reducing energy consumption.

zeroe shoes by betts
Image from Betts website

Also used is Bloom, found in the insoles, mid-soles, and out-soles of the shoes. Bloom is a protein-rich algae biomass blended with polymers to make a sustainable compound. The farmed algae helps clean the air and polluted water. 

“Our Zeroe range consists of products made using a material or practice that benefits humans, animals, or the environment. Each shoe has its own story.”

It doesn’t stop at the shoes, Betts has worked with suppliers to create completely recycled packaging. This includes the shoebox and inner-box packaging made from eco-friendly and recycled materials. Recycled water bottles have been used to create the carry handles. 

Currently, the Women’s range is available online and in-store. Men’s will be arriving in Winter 2021.

Oh, they are Vegan Certified as well. So get stepping into a Betts store.

Find out more on their website here: betts.com.au/zeroe

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