DJ Tigerlily Launches Vegan Leather Fashion Campaign

Internationally renowned DJ Dara Hayes, known professionally as DJ Tigerlily, is today launching a vegan leather fashion campaign on behalf of Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV). DJ Tigerlily and rescued cow Strongheart feature in the campaign video and on posters to be plastered across Melbourne with the message “Strongheart’s skin belongs to him”.

In the video DJ Tigerlily visits a now fully grown Strongheart and other rescued cows living freely at ALV’s Liberation Sanctuary. She speaks passionately about leather and the impact it has on animals and the environment, stating “when we buy leather, we financially support the slaughter of cows.”

She goes on to say: “In the meat and dairy industries, the flesh and skin of slaughtered cows are sold for a profit. For this reason, these industries define leather as a ‘co-product’. The skins of newborn male calves killed in the dairy industry are especially valuable because they are so soft.”

DJ Tigerlily also discusses the many widely available vegan leather alternatives made from polyurethane, pineapple leaves, apples, cork, washable paper and other innovative eco-materials, stating: “All of these materials are better for the environment than leather, which is the single most environmentally impactful material to produce.”

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The campaign video almost looks like a contradiction, with Dara wearing what seems to be all leather products, however, this is a mere ruse. All the products worn are completely vegan, but you wouldn’t realise it without knowing. In the video, Dara wears a jacket by James and Co, made of a lower impact PU, a watch by TIME IV CHANGE, made of Piñatex and wears one of The Ahimsa Collective bags, which is also made from Piñatex (pineapple leaves). The complete collection, together with many other options are available with additional information are on the dedicated campaign website.

DJ Tigerlily and Animal Liberation Victoria are urging fashion consumers to pledge to go leather-free at LeatherTruth.com, where they can learn more about the leather industry and receive discounts to a curated selection of ethical and sustainable vegan fashion brands.

For more information, please visit LeatherTruth.com

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