Fashion Non-Profit Tells the Story of Australian Made, Sustainable and Ethical Fashion in New Short Film

Collective Fashion Justice (CFJ) is premiering a new short film, Willow & Claude, which discusses the value of a totally transparent, ethical, and more sustainable fashion supply chain.  A concept that should at the forefront of companies’ agenda’s when discussing the future of fashion. However, we know too well that fashion is intrinsically linked to the consumer. Our decisions dictate the reality of the global fashion supply chain. 

This short film follows CFJ founder Emma Hakansson’s journey to ethical fashion. After having worked as a model for some time, Emma became more aware of the ethical issues surrounding fashion – from the mistreatment of garment workers to overconsumption. She also became vegan and began fostering lambs who had been rescued from the meat and wool industries. After discovering that wool alternative knitwear was difficult to find ethically made and sustainable, Emma set out to create a solution.  

‘Without transparency in fashion we can’t have total ethics fashion. My hope is that designers and citizen consumers viewing the film will consider what a totally transparent supply chain really looks like and ask themselves if what they buy into could be more ethical and transparent, too.’ – Emma Hakansson


The film covers the issues with areas of the global cotton industry where forced labour can be a problem, issues surrounding synthetic fibres, and the ethical problems in the wool industry.  After seeking to avoid the ethical problems that can come with cotton in murky, overseas supply chains that can be difficult to trace, Emma sets off to connect with an Australian farmer and to visit a farm where she can learn everything about the ethics and sustainability of how her fibre is produced. 

Thanks to Cotton Australia, Emma connects with a farmer called Renee, and Renee’s cotton is spun in the last short staple spinning mill in the country, at the CSIRO. It’s dyed and further spun in Melbourne, before being knitted using a whole garment knitting machine that almost completely eliminates yarn waste, by KNIT.

The premiere will feature a panel discussion with Emma Hakansson, alongside farmer Renee Anderson and fashion sustainability advocate Nina Gbor, moderated by A__C’s Tessa Carroll, after the film is screened.  There will also be delicious vegan grazing boards to feed everyone on the night, and a digital gift bag of discounts to local, ethical brands and businesses including A__C, Pala Eyewear, Bob Hair, It’s All Fluff, and Etiko, will be on offer to everyone in attendance both online and virtually.


Event Details:  

    Name of Docu-Film: Willow and Claude

    Thursday July 22nd

    Thornbury Picture House

    Time: 18:00 – 21:00

    Tickets available for purchase via: https://www.collectivefashionjustice.org/willow-and-claude

    Event details on Facebook via: https://www.facebook.com/collectivefashionjustice/events/






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