Introducing the beautiful Indigo Luna

One of my favorite brands at the moment is Indigo Luna. A small family run business based in Torquey, Australia and Bali, Indonesia who are serious about sustainability. This can be seen in all areas of their business, from there sourcing of materials, the dyes they use and the quality of their product, they are nailing it all, showing us that upcycled waste can be fashionable, for all shapes and sizes.

Indigo Luna
Image from Indigo Luna Facebook

‘Our goal is to create beautiful, sustainable and affordable fashion for yogis and sun seekers. We aim to be sustainably responsible, we do not and will not use any animal products’

Making ethical and sustainable yoga wear, bathers and intimates, Indigo Luna products are dyed using 100% plant-based dyes, meaning no synthetic and harmful runoff is created in the process. This untreated runoff from synthetic dyes are sadly commonly used and are proven to harm natural waterways, the animals that live there and eventually us. Indigo Luna is a stand against these dyes, but it’s not just how they color their products which is massively impressing me, they recently introduced their new Samsara range of leggings and swimwear created from Italian Recycled ECONYL, material harvested from old and discarded fishing nets. 

Indigo Luna
Image from Indigo Luna Facebook

Waste into wear

Every year hundreds of thousands of marine animals are harmed by ocean plastic pollution. Such as sea turtles, seals, dolphins, and whales. Indigo Luna is changing this by partnering with ECONYL®.  Who has invented a way of converting these discarded fishing nets and other waste material into a high-performance swimwear fabric. Helping us to close the loop and turn a problem into a solution. 

‘We believe in treading softly and leaving behind the smallest footprint as we carry out our journeys on this planet’

If wanting a super comfy pant, perfect for relaxing in, travelling, or YIN yoga practice, I highly recommend there new Indo pant. I recently purchased this pant and couldn’t be happier, the harem style relaxed fit pant is plant dyed, and made from bamboo. Pair with one of their organic warrior tops for the perfect casual, versatile, and mighty comfy outfit. From their yoga wear to their bathers and intimates, I love it all! And, I love knowing that I am supporting a small business that is a stand for ethical and vegan fashion practices.

Indigo Luna
Image from Indigo Luna website

Order online or look out for their pop up store at vegan events across Melbourne. 


Shop here : https://indigoluna.net/


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