North Face Releases Recycled Plastic Vegan ‘Down’ Jackets

The North Face is arguably one of the largest outdoor clothing companies in the world. The newest innovation from the brand is the reinvention of the existing product line, ThermoBall. The new line, ThermoBall Eco, is made entirely with recycled materials, in an effort to create sustainability impact at scale.

‘The same amazing jacket, with a lower footprint.’ – North Face

Which is an important statement from North Face, and gives rise to the question, can more brands be making the same product with less environmental impact?
With North Face stating that ‘material production and manufacturing accounts for 60 – 85 percent of our total environmental impact’ the change to recycled products will dramatically increase their sustainability impact.
The new ThermoBall Eco is the same price as the original product line, the same performance, but made from recycled polyester fabric and recycled insulation.  ‘Just the recycled insulation alone, sourced from our partners at Primaloft, is spun from at least five plastic bottles that are diverted from the landfill.’ says North Face.
The North Face also launched Bottle Source, a product line where they pulled ‘160,000 pounds of plastic bottles from National Park streams and recycled it all into tees’.

But North Face isn’t the only international brand making changes. Earlier this year Reebok release their Cotton & Corn sneaker, which is the first ever 75% USDA certified bio-based shoe, sent in 100% recycled packaging.

As sustainability becomes a larger topic, we as consumers need to start to place our dollars towards companies that are embracing change at a global scale. This act creates change, from companies and brands that need to make changes.

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