Why I’m obsessed with Girlfriend Collective and you should be too

When thinking of a brand that ticks all the ethical and sustainable boxes, it’s hard to go past the ‘Girlfriend Collective’.

This American-based brand launched in 2016 and wow were they well received! Not only because of their incredibly super soft, four-way stretch and compressive activewear, (in a huge range of super cute colours might I add) but all this, while being 100% sustainable.

girlfriend collective
Image from girlfriend collective

Too good to be true?

Girlfriend Collective was so confident in their product, that when they first launched they ran a ‘too good to be true’ campaign. Giving away over 10,000 pairs of leggings for free on the first day, as they believed that once people wore their product they would fall in love with this new, never-heard-of-before brand. I was one of the lucky ones that put my credit card details in for shipping, skeptical whether I would actually ever receive my new leggings, as it did seem too good to be true! But they came, and I fell in love with the fabric and feel of this incredible pair of leggings, still in disbelief that they were made from 25 used water bottles.   

My new black leggings became my go-to, whether it was running, errands, taking a yoga or Pilates class or just bumming around. Two years later and this hasn’t changed – they are still my legging of choice and the quality is still as good as day one, probably thanks to the fact they recruited designers from Acne Studios and Lululemon (they believe chic aesthetic and performance didn’t have to be sacrificed for sustainability).  

To feel the leggings, you’d never know they were made of ‘trash’; they’re sleek, stretchy, and super-soft. — Vogue

Not going anywhere… unlike plastic

Two years later and excitingly they have expanded, now offering leggings, shorts, sports bras, and tops. All being made from recycled water bottles and fishing nets- now that’s a brand I want to support! Sourcing all their post-consumer water bottles from what was formally known as ‘garbage island’ in Taiwan, these are then melted down and strung into fibres. These fibres then get weaved into garments at a fair trade facility in Vietnam.

I know this because Girlfriend Collective is 100% transparent. Meaning we as consumers know every process that occurs in order to bring us these unbelievable products.


girlfriend collective
Image from girlfriend collective

Focusing on ‘humane manufacturing, meticulous design, and sustainable materials, creating a community of people who care about every step of the process’ this company is kicking goals, and lucky for us they ship to Australia!

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