6 ways to reduce your waste

1. Reusable coffee cup

KeepCups are in
You have probably heard the news, the handy take away coffee cups from your lovable barista are not recyclable. Luckily though, there are plenty of cool KeepCups out there and, if you head to www.responsiblecafes.org you
can find a list of people who will give you a discount when you use one.

Win for you, win for the environment.

2. Avoid individually wrapped items

Like snack packs, individual wrapped fruits and vegetables. Buy in bulk where possible and check for those double packed items that are basically a less fun pass the parcel.

3. Reusable containers

Start relying on reusable containers

Once you start buying only what you need, take it to the next level by storing food properly, which will extend its life and keep things fresh for as long as possible.
Invest in some quality airtight containers for things like baking ingredients, cereals, and other things that can stale quickly. If you buy loose food items from farmer’s markets
or bulk bins at stores like Costco, reusable containers are especially important to have in your kitchen.

4. No Straw, thanks

There are many options for reusable straws!
From food grade stainless steel straws to stylish bamboo alternatives, There is an environmentally friendly straw out there for you. What a time to be alive!

Take a look at the many on offer here: www.floraandfauna.com.au/straws/

5. Shopping bags

Buy some reusable shopping bags!
These handy little bags can condense down to be quite small so you can keep a couple in your glove box or handbag. Most states are on the way to banning plastic bags from supermarkets, so get one step ahead of the rest now and save the planet while you are at it.

6. No we don’t want no junk

Junk is a waste that won’t get no love from me.
Claim back a few minutes in your life each day and get a junk mail sticker from your local hardware store.

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