Is It Vegan?

Jaime reviews the ‘Is it vegan’ app, a handy app to use on the go.

When it comes to food, we all know the basics of V friendly vs non-vegan. Your morning snack banana and the tin of black beans for dinner. Good to go!

But packaged food can be hard, especially with all the numbers mixed into the ingredients. Sometimes those numbers can be derived from animal products or an alternative is used. How are you supposed to know?

Enter Is It Vegan. This handy little app needs to belong on your phone. Delete those concert videos you are never going to watch again and make space for this bad boy.

The Good

  • It tells you when food is vegan
  • You always have it with you
  • Watching that little odometer moving is fun if you haven’t scanned the particular foods before.
  • Dragons… (just checking you are still reading this).

The Bad

It has 100’s of thousands of foods and beverages, but, not all foods are in the app.

If there is an ingredient in your foods though you can usually do a quick google to see what it is.


Overall, this is a mostly super handy app to have on your phone when you are at the supermarket and wondering what even is that?

In an ideal world though I guess we would all be just eating whole foods. *shrugging emoji*

You can download this app on Android or iOS

The same people who bring you this app also created Barnivore. A vegan beer, wine and liquor guide. Might sound a bit weird, but winemakers and brewers may include animal ingredients in their products directly, or during the processing and filtration.

These ingredients don’t normally show up on the lables so the best way to find out is to use the Barnivore database which has over 37,000 beer, wine and liquor products.

Find out more here: Barnivore

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