We tried a duo float

Float away your stresses

For a long time, I have been wanting to try out the floatation pods that I have been hearing about. So when our trip to Bali was cancelled and my shoulders were tighter than a lid on a jar of salsa I decided it was time. My intro to floatation therapy or ‘floating’ was at our local Liquid Room who also have the only ‘rooms’ rather than capsules in Melbourne. Simon has also been a bit pent up so I booked a duo float.

So what is floating? In this case, it was a small room full of liquid and 650kgs of dissolved Epsom salts that allow you to literally float in water. There are a few different light switches that allow you to take the plunge into complete darkness, or you can keep the soft blue water lights and ceiling stars on.  You start with a quick shower and then get right in with relaxing music playing for the first 10 minutes. Don’t forget to put your earplugs in though!

The Good

• Intense mental & physical relaxation

• The magnesium in the water helps heal

sore muscles.

• Baby soft skin

• Switching off the lights and having

nothing but thoughts distracting you.

• Coming up with cool ideas while


• Drinking lovely tea afterwards

The Bad

Its hard to find something bad to say about it other than I want to do it all the time which

I can’t do.

Also, try not to accidentally get the salt water in your eye or nose, it burns.

Oh, and if you want to enter ‘deep relaxation mode’ then I would suggest going alone.

Going for the first time with your partner is a great intro, but you know someone else is there.


It’s a great way to instantly (after one hour) get relaxed and ease away your stresses.

I would recommend it to anyone to try at least once. Unless you are scared of water or the dark.

If you would like to try the duo or single float rooms at Liquid Room you can book it in here:

Liquid Room

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