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Interview with Kyle Behrend, passionate ambassador for the animals at Edgar’s Mission

Kyle Behrand Edgar's Mission
Kyle Behrand – Edgar’s Mission

“If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”

How long has Edgar’s Mission been in running for?

Edgars Mission started in 2003 when our Founder and Director Pam Ahern rescued her first pig ever, and she named him Edgar Allen Pig. Since then the sanctuary has grown much like Edgar did, he grew to be over 350 kg and the sanctuary is now the home for 450 animals and we are located in Lancefield Victoria.

edgars mission

What is the main purpose of Edgar’s Mission?

The work here at Edgar’s mission is really two-fold. Firstly it’s a sanctuary, providing a home and loving care to all of these rescued animals. They each have a story about how they came to be with us and why they needed to be rescued. The second part is advocating on behalf of these animals. So seldom do we actually get the opportunity to meet them and get to experience their world. To really see what incredible and unique animals they are. A lot of our work is about welcoming visitors to the sanctuary, taking them on tours and learning more about these animals. Talking about why they needed to be here in the first place and what choices we can make to better the world for these animals.

How many animals do you rescue each year?

Every year can be different in terms of how many animals we rescue. A few years back we were contacted by a battery cage farmer who wanted to exit the industry. He inherited this business and didn’t realize how cruel it was, then decided he didn’t want to be a part of it. We were asked if we could take these hens, which we did. There ended up being over 3,500 hens over the course of a few months. That was a very big year but every year there would be several hundred animals that pass through our front gates.

What does a day in the life of the farm look like?

Every day is always very busy but every day is beautiful. We receive a lot of joy and bliss from seeing these animals actually having the opportunity to live the way that they want to live. Our work is about providing natural enclosures so that they can display normal behaviors that are so important to them. We get a lot back from seeing that but there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes also. There’s administration work, communication work, the animal care side which is a whole part in itself. Making sure the farm is clean and safe for these animals is also very important. So day in the life is always busy and a lot more than what is seen on Facebook, but very enjoyable.

edgars mission

What is Get Active for Animals?

A lot of our campaign work revolves around our key theme, being our mission is kindness. We want people to start questioning the choices that we make but also the story behind the products that we purchase. Everything we purchase from our clothing, electronics, food, they all have a story. We don’t see that story when we shop online or on the supermarket shelves. It’s so important that we start thinking about that, to start questioning and finding that story. Then deciding for ourselves if that story is acceptable to us and the values that we have. Our campaign work revolves around that, in terms of educating the public about what happens to these animals and how we can make kinder choices for them.

How can people get involved with Edgars mission?

There’s lots of ways to help us here at Edgars mission. The best and foremost way is to help spread the word about the work that we do. Sharing the animals stories on Facebook, social media and e-mailing your friends. You can then bring people that you know to the sanctuary to learn more about what we do. Donations are also very important, as we are a non for profit sanctuary and funded purely from donations from the general public.

If you are in a position to donate that that helps enormously and we thank you so much for that.

Even volunteering if you are able to come up for the day and help us on the farm, it makes a huge difference. So there are many ways to help us but just spreading the word goes a long way.

edgars mission

One message to everyone?

One message we always try and encourage people to think about is our philosophy. It’s our quote and it’s what we live every day by and that is

“If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”

edgars mission
Ruby the “sheepdog” from Edgar’s Mission.

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