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Looking to get those sweet discounts and deals but want to make sure it’s all ethical and vegan. It’s harder than you thought right? Well not anymore, My Vegan Vouchers is changing the landscape of the discount world. Everything from Food, Fashion, Cosmetics and Health can be found at a discount on My Vegan Vouchers. And just in case your missed it in the name, it’s ALL VEGAN.

Joanne Lauthier and her daughter Elyse started My Vegan Vouchers do they could do the hard work and you just get those awesome ethical deals.

Joanne Lautier

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Tell us a brief background on how the idea came about and how it all started?

Prior to launching My Vegan Vouchers, I was looking after my mother as her carer and had consequently given up my teaching and assessing career. I was newly vegan and found my new passion for living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle in an effort to save the lives of animals. After having been vegan for only a few months, I was unfamiliar with what restaurants were available with vegan options and where the vegan restaurants were.

I was a member of another subscription service but was unable to search for exactly what I wanted. I researched what was available and I realised there was a niche in the market and that I could fill that niche. I realised I could support vegans in their current lifestyle and encourage others to live more compassionately and shop ethically, vegan, cruelty-free and mindfully. The idea of My Vegan Vouchers was born and it makes me so happy, as it’s a win/win scenario.

What was your biggest hurdle in your startup?

My biggest hurdle has been financial. I had no money and was quoted a ludicrously huge amount to build my website, as it’s quite complex. I was determined to see this work, so I kept researching and finally found a way to make it happen. My Vegan Vouchers is still growing as it is in its infancy.

It’s going to be huge! It will be the largest International Vegan Directory in the world which has the added bonus of the best exclusive discounts available.

There are more works in progress and it’s going to be a wonderful online
community. Watch this space.

What do My Vegan Vouchers offer its subscribers?

Subscribers receive so many benefits from their membership and there is more coming.
You know that every voucher offers ‘safe’ shopping and is helping to increase demand for plant-based goods and services. Vouchers range from fashion and beauty to health and fitness, food and homewares, trades and technology, leisure activities, education, accommodation, pet services, spiritual and alternative lifestyle choices, Eco-friendly items of course and even wholesale discounts. Anything that you can think of that can be considered plant-based, cruelty-free and ethical can be included in My Vegan Vouchers.

Being international and so extensive in what we offer, you will find exclusive savings worth thousands of dollars available locally, interstate and internationally. You can use it when travelling and share with family and friends. You are not restricted to your local area.

All offers are guaranteed to be the best that business offers anywhere and exclusive to MVV. If the offer is found to be matched anywhere else, the vouchers will be improved, renewed or replaced.

You know that your savings are all in one place and easy to redeem. No need to carry around another card in your wallet or handbag (or forget to take it with you). Every voucher is available on your smart-phone or any device connected to the Internet. One click of the ‘redeem now’ button and voilà!

You saved money and helped save an animals’ life!

It’s easy to join and very cost effective. It’s currently only $0.57(AUD)/week for a 12-month membership, paid annually. That makes it the cheapest discount subscription service for Savings on All Things Vegan globally.

Subscribers know that many more businesses are joining My Vegan Vouchers all the time as it is free and easy for them. Subscribers can feel secure knowing there are discounts being added on a regular basis.

My Vegan Vouchers is a growing community of business owners and consumers, not only vegans but people who like to shop ethically and mindfully. We are spreading the love to all types of businesses and encouraging people from all walks of life. Keep an eye on the website as it grows and improves. There are more surprises coming!

If you could offer one piece of advice to people starting a conscientious business, what would it be?

My advice for anyone starting up in this community is to do your research and build it from your heart. If you’re in it for the right reasons and you have good intentions, you will love what you do and thrive…just never give up. The vegan community is generally very supportive and loving. Keep spreading the love and the love will be returned.

When and why did you become vegan?

Initially, my daughter and I began researching about sustainable practices (part of my teaching role centred around this) and it branched into the chemicals etc that we put into and on our body.

As my daughter studied Nutritional Medicine and my arthritis got worse, it became evident that a plant-based diet was beneficial. After learning about the plight of the animals and the suffering they endure, it became a no-brainer to live a vegan lifestyle.

Once you have made that decision with a little knowledge to back you up, there’s no turning back. I have been vegan for about 3 years with no regrets. Like so many, I wish I opened my mind and saw the truth so much earlier but it’s never too late to change. As they say, ‘better late than never’.

What’s your favourite veggie?

That’s a difficult decision, like asking what’s my favourite animal. If I have to choose one, I’ll go with a snack of raw red capsicum, yummmm…and then there’s raw carrot, raw snow peas…the list goes on.

Where do you see my vegan vouchers in the future?

The future is fast approaching but I can only see exponential growth. My Vegan Vouchers will soon be the largest International Vegan directory with the added bonus of the guaranteed best exclusive discounts. We love to support the small business owners but also aim to include some of the ‘big guys’.

I know some people do not wish to support those big corporations but I feel if we leave them alone and not expect any compassionate change from them, they’ll continue on the same journey. I aim to have them offering vegan discounts, get business from vegans and essentially serve us better.

Change has to be brought about in a way that they make money from vegans or they won’t be interested. If we don’t support them, they won’t support us, which means they’ll never change their ways. I aim to have them changing their ways and increasing their vegan options more and more.

Who knows, they could change their business model and become a vegan business if they see the value.

If they’re not with My Vegan Vouchers, they’re missing out, and so are you.

You can sign up to My Vegan Vouchers and explore all the best deals in your city.

My vegan vouchers

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