Osher Gunsberg talks all things plant based

Whether you knew him as Andrew G on Channel V, or are a die-hard Batchie fan, Osher Gunsberg is a familiar Australian household face and name. But, not all of you will know that he is also living a plant-based lifestyle.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Osher recently and asking him our burning questions. If Osher can be vegan, how hard can it be?

Although reluctant to use the word ‘vegan’, Osher has been plant-based since 2002 and eating a vegetarian diet since 1999. Now, with a newly diagnosed celiac disease, we discuss how easy or not easy it is to be vegan in 2018.

In this Interview you will find out:

  • What his favourite veggie is.
  • How he deals with travelling as a vegan. Spoiler, it includes a LOT of rice and beans.
  • Osher tells us how he said he would never take his shirt off for anything other than the cover of Men’s Health magazine. He was the first vegan man to grace the cover of the over 30- year-running magazine.
  • The process of writing his recent book ‘Back after the break’

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